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Royal Maille

by: Dwyn Tomlinson

This project looks a great deal more complicated than it is, and while it takes some time to make - it's taken me a couple of weeks of 10 minutes once or twice a day - it isn't that hard to do. If you can open and close a jumpring, and count, you are good to go.

The drape and heft of it is fabulous - it is so much fun to play with as well!


I did 15 rows, with the final row being 29 links. When your piece of maille is big enough, use jumprings to attach more chain on each side for the sides of the necklace, and put a clasp at the back.

Because this actually consists of rows of fancy chain joined link by link with jumprings - there are a lot of ways to vary this. Use difference chain. Alternate chain colours. Use contrasting jumprings. Make it longer or shorter. Make a bracelet. Hang a pendant off the bottom (I might still do this.) Hang a dangle off the end of each row. If I make another - I will do this.

Tips - I found that the first few rows - I started from the bottom - were the hardest - because I kept getting disoriented as I put the piece down and picked it back up. I solved this by putting a safety pin through the bottom link, so that I could stay oriented. Starting from the top might be an option too - I'm not sure.

I elected to leave the smaller link that connects the bigger links in place on the end of the row. I didn't decided this until I was about 5 rows in and had to start again. You may decide differently.

I also elected to cut through the middle of the link and discard it every time I cut the chain. With this particular chain, cutting it open and separating it and disentangling the links and closing them back up is way more trouble than it is worth. This did result in some wastage of the chain (allowed for in the measure below), but not as big a waste as my time would have been wasted trying to salvage those links.

Necklace is 20 inches, with the maille part being about 5 inches. No comments on that please. ;-)

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