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Dainty Heart

by: Dwyn Tomlinson

I'm a big, bold statement kind of person, and so, when I try to make anything dainty and delicate - I struggle! But I thought this was pretty successful, so maybe you can find some inspiration in it for making a gift for someone who likes their jewelry light and delicate!

This faceted ball chain is a "cut above" the usual ball chain (pun intended) - with a facet cut into each ball, much like a true-cut or charlotte bead.

To secure the end, the tiny 2 mm rhinestone chain end crimps work very well. I held the chain over the crimp end with a few balls hanging out, and held them together using my thumbnail to hold the chain into the crimp. Then I folded the sides over, locking the tab down between the balls. (Needle nose pliers work best for this.) This left 3 balls protruding at the top, which I trimmed off - figuring wasting a few balls was much easier than fighting to hold the end of the chain in the crimp.

Small jumprings attach the clasp and chain extender.

The heart is attached with a hand made bail. You can purchase a bail, but I cut a short length of the twisted, square wire. I made a partial loop, added the heart, and then did a wrap of 2-3 turns. Then I made a loop at the other end to go on the chain, and wrapped down, 2-3 turns, so that it met in the middle, and looks like one long wrap.

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74701012-11 Artistic Wire - 24ga Round Wire - Brass (Tarnish Resistant) (Spool)Price: $ 9.45
In Stock
Qty: 2 s51039 Chain - 1.5mm Diamond Cut Ballchain - Plated Gold (foot)

(trim for your preference)

Price: $ 2.50
Sorry, Out of Stock
Qty: 1 74201090 Chain Extender - with Droplet - Goldtone (2)Price: $ 1.24
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22801045 Jump Rings Open - 4mm - Goldplated (100)Price: $ 3.95
In Stock
Qty: 1 23440000b Lobster Clasp - 10mm - Hamilton Gold (Goldplated) (50)Price: $ 15.25
In Stock
s51059 Rhinestone Chain End Connector - 2mm with Single Loop - Bright Gold Plated (10)Price: $ 3.31
In Stock
Qty: 1 34762021103001 Swarovski Pendant - 14mm Faceted Heart (6202) - Crystal ABPrice: $ 2.90
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