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Hard Sun

by: Rochelle Kilmer

The sun beats down on Death Valley, Sand dunes ripple as the flood planes bake in the heat
Stones sail mysteriously over the Racetrack Player inscribing lines in the cracked mud.

Here a radiant copper ring shines with Topaz Gold sun beams. Suspended below is an unglazed ceramic donut mimicking the Earth below.
                                                                                              -Written by Erin Singleton

Making the Pendant -

1) Place 1 - 8mm Topaz Gold bead on a headpin. Make a wrapped loop. Repeat this again with another bead and headpin.
2) Place 1- 8mm Topaz Gold bead on an eyepin. Finish with a loop.
I used the 1-Step Looper for this step! My favourite tool.
3) Using 7mm jumprings attach the 2 dangles you made on the headpins to the Radiant Ring.
4) In between these dangles, attach one of the eyepins using another 7mm jumpring.
5) Pop the Ceramic Donut into the Copper Coin Holder. It fits like a glove - you just need to place even pressure. When you get the donut in place, fold over the prongs with Nylon Jaw Pliers.
6) Attach the donut bezel to the bottom of the eyepin dangle on the Randiant Ring. I opened up the loop and slipped the loop on the bezel into place.
7) If you hold up the Radiant Ring with the donut at the bottom - we are going to attach our last eyepin dangle to the top using a 7mm jumpring.
8) Take your chain (18 inches) and at the centre point (9 inches)  - attach 2- 7mm jumpring onto 1 link.
9)Attach a 7mm jumpring to the top loop of the eyepin dangle and before closing attach it to the 2 jumprings on the the chain. It can be a little bit finicky- so patience is required.
10) At the ends of the chain - attach the lobster claw using a 7mm jumpring. I have clipped the lobster to a link in the chain. If you do not like this you can add another jumpring this side and clip the lobster claw there.

The pendant sits at about the collar bone! Adjust to fit your body type!

Making the Earrings -

1) Pop 2 more Ceramic Donuts into Copper Coin Holders. Remember you just need to place even pressure and when you get the donut in place, fold over the prongs with Nylon Jaw Pliers for extra security. No glue is necessary as it is a good, tight fit.
2) Make 2 eyepin dangles with the Topaz Gold beads. Finish with a plain loop. Before closing the loop all the way, attach the donut bezel in.
3) On the other loop - attach to the copper leverbacks with a 7mm jumprings.


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Qty: 3 s49061 Ceramic Pendant - Scaled Donut - Unglazed Antiqued Bisque

(1 for the necklace - 2 for the earrings )

Price: $ 2.55
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is unavailable.
Qty: 1 s51035 Chain - 6mm Textured Rolo - Antiqued Copper (foot)

(18 inches )

Price: $ 7.75
In Stock
Qty: 3 s49993 Coin Holder - ID 26.5mm Lucky Loonie Frame - Antiqued Copper

(1 for the necklace - 2 for the earrings)

Price: $ 5.90
In Stock
Qty: 1 23610895 Earring - Euro-style Leverback - Antique Copper (Pair)Price: $ 1.05
Sorry - this item
is unavailable.
22601217 EYEpins - 2in / 22ga Plain - Antique Copper (100)Price: $ 7.40
Sorry - this item
is unavailable.
Qty: 1 s31644 Firepolish - 8mm Faceted Windows - Topaz Gold (strand 25)Price: $ 8.15
In Stock
22601064 Headpins - 2in / 22ga Flat Head - Antique Copper (100)Price: $ 1.75
In Stock
22801037 Jump Rings Open 7mm - Antiqued Copper (approx 100)Price: $ 4.95
In Stock
Qty: 1 tc94-3112-18 Link - 1.25in Radiant Flat Round Ring - Antiqued CopperPrice: $ 3.13
In Stock
Qty: 1 23440014 Lobster Clasp - 15mm - Antiqued CopperPrice: $ 0.50
In Stock

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