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Pearly White

by: Rochelle Kilmer

It's getting warm and people are getting married! I have a few friends who are planning on tying the knot over the next couple of years. Such an exciting time in their lives! So I have had weddings on the brain and I needed a creative outlet since it's not quite yet my turn. And that is how this jewellery set was born. I hope it inspires you as it did me!


Making the links :

On an eyepin place a daisy spacer - coin pearl -daisy spacer. Make a simple loop. I used the 1-step loopers to make things faster (I should probably practice without :p). The loopers may not close your loop all the way, so I just stick my round nose pliers in to close it up nicely.

Repeat this link 3 more times.

On a headpin place 1 White Opal AB bicone. Close with a simple loop. Repeat for the other earring.

I used a 3.5 mm jumpring to attach the bicone to one of the coin pearl links; then I used a 5mm jumpring to attach the top loop of this link to another coin pearl link. On the top loop of this link, I attached it too the earwire. I opened the loop on the earwire as I would a jumring and slipped the link on and closed it up. Repeat for the other earring.


Make 4 more links like you did with the earrings on eyepins: daisy spacer - coin pearl - daisy spacer.

Make 3 links consisting of daisy spacer - bicone - daisy spacer.

Make 2 links with - daisy spacer - bicone - daisy spacer - coin pearl - daisy spacer - bicone - daisy spacer.

Make 1 bicone dangle. Just a bicone on a headpin and finish with a simple loop.

For the pendant: On an eyepin or a headpin: beadcap - a few 10/0 or 11/0 seedbeads, place the becharmed pearl over top (this is so the bighole won't feel loose and move around on the pin) - bead cap. And this time I finished it with a wrapped loop.

If you wish to add more dangles to the bottom of the pendant use an eyepin. I was not sure if I wanted to or not, so I did the loop and don't mind the look of it without anything hanging. It's a preference for you to make. If you do not want to dangle and do not like the look of the loop, make the pendant on a headpin.

Putting it all together:

From the wrapped loop I attached one of the single bicone links using a 5 mm jumpring. Using another jumpring I attached the top loop to the bottom of the nosy posy y link. On the little loop of the nosy posy I added the bicone dangle with a 3mm jumpring.  

On one of the top loops of the nosy posy link, I attached one of the coin pearl with bicone link. Then I linked this to a coin pearl link and this linked to a bicone link and this linked to another coin pearl link, all using 5 mm jumprings.

Repeat this on the other loop of the nosy posy link in the same order.

From the open loop I attached chain with 5 mm jumpings on both sides, then attached the nosy posy toggle for the clasp also using 5 mm jumprings.

And a beautiful piece of jewellery is complete.

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