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Dragonfly Meadows

by: Rochelle Kilmer

Blue skies, where the dragonflies fly. Above meadows green, calming and serene.

Sit. Stay for a while and watch the dragons flutter on by.  A light breezes gently moves thru the long grasses; blowing the clouds above. Sweet heat leaving butterfly kisses across your skin. Cicadas making their music, and a gentle hum envelops you.

Be present. Stay in the moment.

Making your necklace:
First I started by making all the separate components, then I laid them out and started piecing the necklace together. Please take full advantage of your artistic license and change or adapt anything you may not like.

On the 22 gauge wire (I kept it on the spool) put on your bead, make a wrapped loop with as little excess wire as possible - before cutting the wire off the spool (with your bead) cut with enough excess wire to make another wrapped loop.  This is how I made all my wrapped loop pieces.

3x turquoise long rectangles
6x olive cream olives
3x dragonfly coin
3x 2/0 3-cut rocailles/poined oval/rocailles

Then I cut about a foot of Softflex. Crimped one end and started stringing on about 6-7 inches of 6/0 seedbeads Ravenswood. Crimp the other end when finished. (This strand I decided was going to break up the wrapped links I made earlier)

I made another strand about 11-12 inches long. (This strand I decided was going to go around the back of the neck)

Back to our wrapped links. I laid them out on the table and placed them into a pattern I liked. I ended up making them into 2 strands with the shorter strand of 6/0's in between.

1st wrapped link strand - attach using 4mm jumprings -

Olive/long rectangle/olive/dragonfly coin/pointed oval/olive

Attach to short strand of 6/0's using jumprings.

2nd wrapped link strand - attach using 4mm jumprings -

Long rectangle/dragonfly coin/ olive/pointed oval/olive/dragonfly coin/ long rectangle/olive/pointed oval

Attach to the other end of the short strand of 6/0's using jumprings.

Now we can attach the longer strand of 6/0's we made up earlier. Attach using the jumprings.

Where we just attached the jumprings and closed up the necklace, is where we are going to attach the 2 strands of chain.

24 inches of the fine chain and approximately 20 inches of the larger chain.

I choose not to add a clasp because the necklace is large enough to slip over your head. If you prefer a clasp, I would probably choose a decorative toggle and place it on the side where we connected the necklaces.

Now you can go off chasing dragonflies through the meadow.

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Qty: 1 74701011-11 Artistic Wire - 22ga Round Wire - Brass (Tarnish Resistant) (Spool)Price: $ 5.58
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Qty: 2 tc20-0725-26 Chain - 2.5x3mm Cable Chain - Antique Gold (foot)

(all 24 inches used)

Price: $ 6.95
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Qty: 2 tc20-0625-26 Chain - 5x8mm Cable Chain - Antique Gold (foot)

(approx 20 inches used)

Price: $ 6.87
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Qty: 1 s43638 Czech Glass - 2/0 3-Cut Rocailles - Blue Turquoise Picasso (strand)Price: $ 2.02
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is unavailable.
Qty: 3 s49351 Czech Glass - 23mm Dragonfly Coin - Sky DragonPrice: $ 2.76
In Stock
Qty: 2 s41219 Czech Seedbeads - 6/0 Seedbead - Ravenwoods Revenge (2 strands)Price: $ 4.65
In Stock
Qty: 1 24001006-03 Findings - 2.5mm Smooth Crimp Beads - Gold-plated (100)Price: $ 2.48
In Stock
Qty: 1 22801045 Findings - Jumprings - 4mm Open Jumprings - Goldplated (100)Price: $ 1.96
In Stock
Qty: 6 s32174 Firepolish - 8x12mm Faceted Olive - Olivine Cream Givre LustrePrice: $ 0.49
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Qty: 3 s20371 Glass Beads - 8x17mm Flat Pointed Oval - Turquoise OpalPrice: $ 0.85
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Qty: 1 s44562 Softflex Beading Wire - 10ft .024 (Heavy) - Extreme 24k Gold (Spool)Price: $ 20.83
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Qty: 3 27000921-01 Window Beads - 5x15mm Long Rectangle - Turquoise / PicassoPrice: $ 0.35
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