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Laredo Lariet

by: Dwyn Tomlinson

You - sometimes you sit down to make one thing, and a different piece of jewelry happens!

I was going to make a necklace with tassels, but then I had these beads on the table and the next thing you know, I'm using them instead!

The basic idea is the same - the very fine chain and the silicone-filled slider bead to make the clasp. Just be sure that you put the slider bead on BEFORE you add the beads dangling at the end. Don't ask me why I think it is very important to remember that ... .

I hung these beads point down, because I always think of this shape as being used point upwards, and then it just occurred tome - hey, why not the other way around! But do with them as you will.

The chain fits into the beads a little way, but as the hole sizes vary, and I wanted the chain to go in further in order to accommodate lots of surface area for gluing, I used the bead reamer to enlarge the hole a little so I could get about 5 mm of chain into the bead. Don't go too deep, as the bead reamer is tapered, and you still want a relatively snug fit. Ream out the hole, then push a little of the glue in, and then stick in the chain and leave it to cure overnight without fussing with it. Providing a toddler doesn't yank on them and try to pull them off - they should be secure enough.

I guess I still have to go do something with those tassels now ... .  ;-)

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Qty: 3 s55510 Chain - 1mm Beading Chain - Satin Hamilton Gold (foot)

(minimum 2 ft (24 inches to fit over head) I used a total of 32 inches )

Price: $ 4.65
In Stock
s55423 Silicone Filled Slider Smart Bead - 7mm Tube - Satin Hamilton GoldPrice: $ 1.14
Sorry, Out of Stock
Qty: 2 27629026 Stone Beads - 18mm Flat Pear Drop Tablet - Green Turquoise (Stabilized)Price: $ 1.29
In Stock
br500 Tools - Diamond Bead Reamer Set (Set)

(use the finer bit when reaming )

Price: $ 28.17
In Stock
88827972 Tools - Adhesive - G-S Hypo-tube Cement - Price: $ 9.10
In Stock

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