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Tango in Tibet

by: Dwyn Tomlinson

These super-cute bracelets have an eastern vibe, and are so easy to make - it will be hard to stop at just one. Clearly, I couldn't. Vary them up with different bead choices and different button accents - we have lots to chose from!

Using the Elastic-Cord-Needle, string your approx 7 inches of beads (depending on the length you want and size of the wrist you are making for), and add the button last.

Hook the Elastic-Cord-Needle into the middle of an approximately 18 inch piece of stretchy elastic, and slide the beads and button onto the elastic, and then knot, using a square knot followed by a surgeons knot. Test the knot by tugging (put the bracelet on and off), and if good, trim the ends.Then repeat for the second strand, again, putting the button on last.

The loop on the button can easily accommodate multiple strands and the needle too. Knot and trim. Repeat as desired. The button serves as an accent and to keep the strands together.If you want to mix up the colours, i.e. using left over beads from the last bracelet, put a few on the start of the needle - string the rest, and a few at the end, before the button.

The stretchy needle easily takes the size 6/0 beads - the size 5/0s have a few with smaller holes, so there might be a few that you have to reject and use for other projects.

Alternately, you can use the big-eye needle, which accommodates a smaller hole, and is quite fast to use too!

Look for our full selection of antique-y beads here: Un-buried Treasures

And for all our metal buttons here.


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s41298 Czech Glass - 5/0 3-Cut Rocailles - Turquoise Picasso (strand)Price: $ 3.84
Sorry - this item
is unavailable.
s41297 Czech Glass - 6/0 Cut Rocailles - Dragon Eggshell (2 strands)Price: $ 3.84
In Stock
s38859 Czech Seedbeads - 6/0 Seedbead - Charlotte Meso-America (2 strands)Price: $ 4.50
In Stock
s49231 Metal Buttons - Flower Shield - Antiqued CopperPrice: $ 1.18
In Stock
s49238 Metal Buttons - Triskelion - Antiqued CopperPrice: $ 1.18
In Stock
s56028 Metals Buttons - Plumeria Swirl - Antiqued CopperPrice: $ 1.10
In Stock
74330127 Needle - Big Eye Needle - (4)

(alternate needle)

Price: $ 5.33
In Stock
74330134 Needle - Elastic Cord Needle - Price: $ 5.27
In Stock
helopwh25 Stringing - .7mm x 25m Opelon Stretch Jewelry Fiber - White (Spool)Price: $ 11.75
In Stock

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