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Jewelry making supplies are our specialty.  Over 25,000 products are here to help you make beautiful jewellery using all of the latest tools, techniques and beads from around the world.  We carry everything for making your own jewelry, including all the glass and crystal beads for making jewelry to the large selection of stringing materials and findings components to make it sparkle.  We have knowledgeable, experienced staff to help you make your project a success.  All of the Beads for Making Jewelry that you can imagine – and hundreds more to keep your creative side busy.

We have an impressive selection of Swarovski Crystals in hundreds of styles, sizes and colors.  Swarovski Elements Pendants & Swarovski Crystal Pearls are also here in most colors too!

Do you need Miyuki Delica Cylinders Beads or Miyuki Seedbeads (round)?  We have over 2,000 colors, sizes and package sizes to fill all your project needs.  Toho Seedbeads are our second huge selection of Japanese Seedbeads,

Czech seedbeads from both Preciosa-Ornela and Jablonex are stocked in hundreds of colors and 6 sizes.

How do I put it all together

We have most Stringing Supplies including needles in Griffin Silk, Fireline, SoftFlex beading cable, C-Lon Beading Cord & Thread and dozens of others including Hemp Cord, and we have several types of stretchy cord for those easy and simple projects too.  And all those metal pieces to hold everything together to tie it together like clasps & connectors.

What can I do with Natural Semi-Precious Gemstones

Jade stones, Laboradorite, Amazonite and another 70 Natural stone beads are in our selection, many from Dakota Stones who provide beautiful quality stones at a reasonable price.

Enjoy our huge selection. There is no need to create an account, but once you do, you can log in to have access to any special pricing, use our “Save for Later” shopping cart, and ensure that any preferences you’ve set or items you’ve placed in your cart will still be there when you return, even as you move from your phone to your computer to your laptop to your tablet to “whatever they will invent next!”

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Latest News and Updates:

Our Class News

  • Visiting Instructors for early 2021!
    Jean Power (left) & Betty Stephan (right)

    COVID-19 isn’t stopping us from bringing you the best instructors from around the world! Thanks to Zoom and technology, we are proud to bring Betty Stephan and Jean Power to BeadFX in 2021. Both are award winning and accomplished bead artists and instructors.

    Betty’s bead embroidery classes are focused on learning but at the same time are relaxed and a lot of fun! Her years of beading and teaching experience and the detailed, illustrated instructions provide the guidance needed to finish her beautiful class projects.

    Jean’s spectacular geometric beadwork explores shape and structure. Her designs are easily personalized to reflect your own style.

    Betty’s and Jean’s classes will be virtually broadcast using Zoom and will be done live. That means you’ll be able to ask questions, see live demos of techniques and join in the conversations with the instructors and your fellow students. Best of all, you can attend from anywhere in Canada, the United States and the world!

    Here’s what is coming up:

    Mariposa Bead Embroidered Cuff
    Instructor: Betty Stephan
    Friday, March 19
    10:00am – 4:00pm EST

    This layered bead embroidered cuff is sewn on lace shapes to form both the butterfly and the leaves – giving a wonderful dimensional effect. A woven component forms the center of the butterfly while the bead embroidery adds to the intricacy of the piece. Level: All levels. Note: The class fee includes one kit, colour choices are available.

    Class fee: $205. CAD
    Early Bird Special until January 29, 2021: $195. CAD Click here to register for Betty’s Mariposa Bead Embroidered Cuff class!

    Trilogy Necklace
    Instructor: Betty Stephan
    Saturday, March 20
    10:00am – 4:00pm EST

    Join Betty to create this pretty necklace that features a combination of bead weaving and bead embroidery. With a triangle shaped crystal at it’s center, it had a unique and quick bezel. Two of the colorways use a crystal with fabric attached to the back, which gives it an unusual and attractive coloring. Level: All levels. Note: The class fee includes one kit, colour choices are available.

    Class fee: $205. CAD
    Early Bird Special until January 29, 2021: $195. CAD Click here to register for Betty’s Trilogy class!

    Love Song Cuff Bracelet
    Instructor: Betty Stephan
    Sunday, March 21
    10:00am – 4:00pm EST

    The centerpiece of this cuff is cording that winds it’s way around a large pear shaped Swarovski crystal. It then wanders through the whole bracelet giving the piece nice flow and texture. There will be enough materials in the kit so you can personalize your cuff, or follow the instructions to make one just like the sample. A beautiful edging using Soutache adds the finishing touch. Don’t worry – this class is not difficult! Level: All levels. Note: The class fee includes one kit, colour choices are available.

    Class fee: $230. CAD
    Early Bird Special until January 29, 2021: $220. CAD Click here to register for Betty’s Love Song Cuff Bracelet class!

    Mostra Box and Pendant
    Instructor: Jean Power
    Saturday, April 17
    10:00am – 2:00pm EST

    This stunning design combines a geometric pendant and beaded rope with their own optional storage & display vessel. The pendant & vessel combine some of Jean’s unique beading techniques to create spectacular and variable beadwork and each component can be beaded by itself without any obligation to do the rest. Level: Intermediate. You must be very comfortable with peyote stitch and following instructions. Class fee does not include supplies; materials required for the class is listed on the class page.

    Class fee: $95. CAD Click here to register for Jean’s Mostra Box and Pendant class!

Our Latest Inspiration

  • Project of the Week: Have a Heart

    Brand new this week are delightful wire form sets that will ring in your holiday spirit! Today and for the next two weeks, I’ll bring you a project using one of the wire forms. The wire of the forms is made from brass and has been work hardened so that it keeps it’s shape. The wire is approximately 21 gauge so beads can slide onto the wire through an opening in the form. You can then close the form using various methods.

    Today, let’s see what we can do with the heart form! We’re going to use some Swarovski rivolis to give it dazzle and some coiled magenta wire to the form some colour. Interspersed in the coiled wire, we’ll add some donuts – the sparkly kind!

    Using a Coiling Gizmo, create a coil of magenta wire with the ‘next to thinnest’ mandrel. If you don’t have a Coiling Gizmo, you can also wrap the wire around very small diameter knitting needles. Not too tight though, otherwise you’ll have difficulty getting the wire off the mandrel or the knitting needles.

    Don’t worry about long lengths; you’ll be cutting them into short lengths with a pair of side shears or flush cutters. You’ll need several inches of coiling.

    Cut a 1″/2mm length of coiled wire and slip it onto the heart wire form. Slide it so it is centred at the bottom of the heart, as shown.

    You will need a few 1/2″ pieces.

    Take two of the 5mm donuts and slip one onto each of the open ends of the heart. Slide them down to rest against each side of the coil.

    If you find it tight to slide the donuts around the opening circle, unwind the circle a little bit.

    Add additional lengths of coiling and donuts. You can use the design as shown, or create a new one!

    Add a longer coil to cover the end portion on one side. Trim any excess heart form wire using either memory wire cutters or by bending it back and forth and the point you want to trim using two pairs of pliers. I’ve trimmed them so the ends are flush to the circle.

    Warning: the wire forms are hardened just like memory wire. Do not cut the form wire using regular cutters – you will damage the blades.

    Now, let’s get the findings ready to attach the heart. The rivoli findings we are using are links with loops on two sides. Using cutters, trim both loops off the findings. Note that the findings have holes in them. We are going to use those holes to ‘sew’ the finding to the heart.

    Cut an 8″ length of the same wire as the coils and secure one end inside the finding by wrapping the wire between two holes as shown, leaving a bit of a tail inside the finding and the working wire outside the finding.

    ‘Sew’ the finding to the heart form ono the open circle. Go in and out of the finding’s holes and around the form slipping the wire between the coils. Don’t wrap the wire over the edge of the findings; the rivolis won’t fit in the findings. When you’ve finished, secure the wire back into the finding and trim the wire.

    This is very fiddly so just have some patience. One of the difficulties was the rest of the wire and materials moving around. I helped to keep stuff in place by using a bead stopper on the other arm of the heart.

    Add coiling and sew the second finding to the other side of the heart, first removing the two loops of the finding. If desired, you can use the wire to join both sides of the heart together.

    You can adjust the coiling so that it sits centered at the bottom of the heart (like I needed too).

    Now we’ll add the crystals to the findings. Put the project on a hard surface with some cushioning (such as a drawer liner or towel). Place a rivoli into the finding, colour side up. With a bezel pusher or wooden chopstick (or similar), press down the four prongs of the bezel, capturing the rivoli.

    Do this on both sides.

    That’s it! Change it up by changing the colours and the multiples of donuts or beads.

    Heart wire form from the Holiday Wire Form Set
    28ga wire (I used Parawire, Magenta)
    Two 12mm rivolis, Light Rose
    Two 12mm Turtleback Links – Bright Silver
    24 5mm Donuts, Candy Pink AB