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Jewelry making supplies are our specialty.  Over 25,000 products are here to help you make beautiful jewellery using all of the latest tools, techniques and beads from around the world.  We carry everything for making your own jewelry, including all the glass and crystal beads for making jewelry to the large selection of stringing materials and findings components to make it sparkle.  We have knowledgeable, experienced staff to help you make your project a success.  All of the Beads for Making Jewelry that you can imagine – and hundreds more to keep your creative side busy.

We have an impressive selection of Swarovski Crystals in hundreds of styles, sizes and colors.  Swarovski Elements Pendants & Swarovski Crystal Pearls are also here in most colors too!

Do you need Miyuki Delica Cylinders Beads or Miyuki Seedbeads (round)?  We have over 2,000 colors, sizes and package sizes to fill all your project needs.  Toho Seedbeads are our second huge selection of Japanese Seedbeads,

Czech seedbeads from both Preciosa-Ornela and Jablonex are stocked in hundreds of colors and 6 sizes.

How do I put it all together

We have most Stringing Supplies including needles in Griffin Silk, Fireline, SoftFlex beading cable, C-Lon Beading Cord & Thread and dozens of others including Hemp Cord, and we have several types of stretchy cord for those easy and simple projects too.  And all those metal pieces to hold everything together to tie it together like clasps & connectors.

What can I do with Natural Semi-Precious Gemstones

Jade stones, Laboradorite, Amazonite and another 70 Natural stone beads are in our selection, many from Dakota Stones who provide beautiful quality stones at a reasonable price.

Enjoy our huge selection. There is no need to create an account, but once you do, you can log in to have access to any special pricing, use our “Save for Later” shopping cart, and ensure that any preferences you’ve set or items you’ve placed in your cart will still be there when you return, even as you move from your phone to your computer to your laptop to your tablet to “whatever they will invent next!”

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Latest News and Updates:

  • I Be-Leaf it is Fall … September 17, 2020

    time for a sale

    I Be-Leaf it is Fall …

    The air is crisp
    the morning cool
    steam rises off
    my heated pool

    Tis time to put
    the plants to bed
    and excavate
    the leaves instead.

    If falling leaves,
    make you sad, 🙁
    here is news
    that’s not so bad  🙂

    Don’t be blue
    and don’t be bent
    our beads on sale –

    Time for a sale! 20% off (almost) everything.*

    Time to stock up on beads and maybe even start to think about making hand-made gifts. Yes – Christmas is coming.


    Sale: Fine Print*

    *Almost everything. Some select items excluded. (see below)

    Feel free to place multiple orders and we will combine them to reduce the shipping.

    The store is open four days a week – Wed through Saturday – 11 am to 6 pm. Online shopping anytime. Curbside pickup Mon – Sat, 11-6.

    Sale exceptions:

    • classes, gift certificates, Studio time, lampworking supplies
    • No discounts on special order merchandise, or special bulk orders.  
    • Some items ARE excluded from this sale. Some metal clay items, some big tools, and previously discounted items, and a few other items.
      You will be able to see online if an item is discounted. Remember – you always get the best possible discount
      so if something has been discounted more than the sale discount – you will get the greater of the two possible deals.

    Things tend to get a little-bit crazy around here during a sale, so we have a few rules to make it go more smoothly.

    • Sale is NOT retroactive and does not apply to previously purchased merchandise.  
    • No special orders or special bulk orders will be accepted at the sale prices. 
    • No Rain Cheques. No backorders. When it’s gone, it’s gone. The early bird gets the beads. Online orders will be picked in the order in which we receive them.  
    • Sale ends Midnight, Wednesday , September 30 (Toronto time) (Well – in-store it ends at closing time – because we won’t make the staff stay until midnight.). If you haven’t checked out by then – the items in your shopping cart will revert to regular
      . Poof! (And we can’t change that – sorry.)  
    • If you are placing a phone or fax order, please ensure that you have the sku/product numbers ready, as well as the description. Having this information ready when processing your order, will help us get your order out the door in a reasonable time frame.Same goes for email orders – as we’d prefer to not have our order-picking staff have nervous breakdowns. They hide in the kitchen and eat all the brownies.

    We do anticipate that shipping will most likely be delayed by a day or two from our usual timeframe.

    So click on a link and go crazy!

    Happy Shopping!

    As always – the new stuff is all here!


    Can’t find what you are looking for? Feel free to just email us and ask!

Our Class News

  • Back to Class was a Blast!

    Thank you to everyone who joined us for our first virtual event! It was thrilling to meet so many people, especially those who tuned in from beyond Toronto!

    The learning continues in September with more classes – several of them brand new! Diane Whiting joins us virtually from California for two exciting classes that are full of sparkle and style. Gillian Clarke is sharing her expertise with beaded Kumihimo as well as some new chainmaille designs. Jenn Jevons will teach you all about Art Clay Silver – a terrifically versatile medium that ‘magically’ turns into fine silver! Liz Kennedy has a brand new project that involves weaving – yes, weaving – strips of metal. Pamela Kearns will share how to do the basics of jewellery-making – perfect for newbies and anyone who wants a refresher!

    Here are the classes and open sessions scheduled September 21 – 30

    Tuesday, September 22

    NEW Virtual Class: Mulberry Clusters Kumihimo Necklace (2 sessions)
    Gillian Clarke
    6:00 – 8:00pm
    Discover how to combine beads and Kumihimo (Japanese braiding) to create this ‘berry’ adorned necklace! Class continues Tuesday, September 29; 6:00 – 7:00pm

    Wednesday, September 23

    FREE Virtual Bead Tea
    Pamela Kearns
    1:30 – 3:30pm
    Join the lively conversation and meet some new friends as you work on your projects!

    Thursday, September 24

    In-Studio Class: Intro to Art Clay Silver
    Jenn Jevons
    12:00 – 6:00pm
    Mold it, texture it, form it and fire it in a kiln. Voila – you have a one-of-a-kind fine silver piece of jewellery!

    NEW Virtual Class: Japanese Rosettes Necklace
    Gillian Clarke
    6:00 – 8:00pm
    Create this is a classic and elegant necklace that drapes beautifully and won’t take forever to finish!

    Saturday, September 26

    NEW Virtual Class: Double Diamond Deluxe
    Diane Whiting
    9:00am – 1:00pm
    This is a long lariat, with multiple styling possibilities, features 288 Swarovski round crystals. Talk about bling with style!

    NEW In-Studio: Class: Checkerboard Pendant
    Liz Kennedy
    12:00 – 3:00pm
    Imagine combining weaving and metalwork – all in one statement piece!

    NEW Virtual Class: Rue Magique
    Instructor: Diane Whiting
    2:00 – 6:00pm
    This “magical road” statement bracelet will lead you on a journey full of sparkles and possibilities!

    Monday, September 28

    NEW Virtual Class: Elfweave 1 Chainmaille Bracelet
    Gillian Clarke
    6:00 – 8:00pm
    Create this fun and very wearable bracelet that you can dress up or dress down!

    Tuesday, September 29

    Virtual Class: Jewellery Making 101 (2 sessions)
    Pamela Kearns
    6:00 – 8:00pm (both dates)
    Do you want to create jewellery for yourself but have no idea where to start? Do you need to brush up on a few basic skills? Join us to discover how easy it can be to create jewellery! Class continues Tuesday, October 6.

    Click on the class/open session title to see complete information and on-line registration. You can see all of the month’s activities by going to the September class calendar.

Our Latest Inspiration

  • Chain Gang Leashes – for Masks!

    BeadFX Inspiration – Anne Marie Desaulniers

    Mask – retained by mask chain/leash/lanyard
    don’t want to lose that funky leopard mask!

    We’re all this for the long run, and mask-wearing is not going away any time soon! I don’t know about you, but I’m always losing my favourite masks, so why not leash them firmly, and chain them to our necks? Dwyn calls them leashes, but I call them chains, and “never the twain shall meet!” (I think it is because she has dogs on the brain.)

    As makers, it’s our responsibility to start a mask-jewelry movement! Perhaps not as useful for the occasional user (grocery store, drug store, etc.), but for those of us on the go, it’s a definite necessity. Especially when you work in a busy office, and have a habit of taking the mask on, and off, when customers are not in the store. It’s just so useful, that I’m surprised that more people aren’t wearing them!

    I designed two simple chains for this Inspiration. One, practically makes itself, and the other is also pretty simple to make. Both are easy to wear! (And then I added another – a simple beaded number!)

    Gemstone Chain Mask Leash:

    This is so easy, that I’m surprised that our gemstone chain isn’t flying out the door! Here are the details:

    gemstone chain + 2 largish lobsters = easy peasy mask chain

    Supplies: – these are for the one I made, but you can choose other colours

    2 feet – Gemstone 3 mm Faceted Rondelle Chain – Pink Tourmaline/Goldplated (034707/s34707) – also known as pre-beaded chain, or Rosary chain

    1 pkg – 6 mm Split Rings – Goldtone (001446/24410604) – you will use two of them

    2 – 15 mm Lobster Claw – Hamilton Gold (21360/23440010)

    Links to Pages for Supplies

    mask chain, sans mask. You can clip the clasps together to keep it on when not using it to retain your mask.


    1. Attach one split ring, to one end of the gemstone chain (or you could also use a thin gauge of jump ring)
    2. Attach the second split ring, to the other end of the gemstone chain
    3. Attach the first split ring, to one of the 15 mm lobster claws
    4. Attach the second split ring, to the other lobster claw
    5. Attach a lobster claw, to each side of the ear pieces on your mask
    6. Your Gemstone Chain Mask Leash is complete, and your mask is secure!

    Helpful tool:

    Your fingers, are really the only tool that you need. However, if you want to protect your manicure, I highly recommend our Split Ring Pliers (23234/s23234)

    Hint: When mask wearing is a thing of the past (I wish), it will be easy to convert your mask leash, to a single-strand necklace. Simply remove one of the lobster claws, and all of a sudden, it’s a 24” necklace. Nothing will be wasted!

    hook to itself when no mask

    Alternately – grab some of your leftover beads and string them. 22 to 24 inches (55-60cm) seems to be a good length. Add a pair of lobster clasps – using your favourite method, and voila! Adding a cute, bigger bead or charm about a hand-span from the clasp means that when you wear the mask, those bigger beads will be more noticeable and decorative, adding a nice little touch to the overall effect.

    Triple Chain Mask Leash:

    Statement jewelry with a function.

    This is a statement piece of jewelry! Three simple chains hang around your neck, joined in the front, by a Spring Ring Clasp, then accented with a botanical charm. I chose to leave this one fairly simple, and if I do say so myself, it has a hint of elegance! I love this one! It transcends it’s utility and is beautiful in it’s own regard.

    Supplies: Please remember that you are not limited to either the chains, charm, or metal that I’ve chosen. We have a great selection of chains, and sometimes they sell out very fast, so just ask a staff member to help you with an alternative.

    1 pkg – Jump Rings Open 9 mm Nickel – 10 grams (021801/22801011-07)

    1 pkg – Split Rings – 7mm Bright Silvertone (10) (009908/24410607)

    1 pkg – Jump Rings Open 7 mm – Nickel – 10 grams (22801011-03)

    1 pkg – Spring Ring Clasp Simple Circle 25mm – Bright Rhodium (2) (053656/s053656)

    2.5 ft – Chain – Oval Rolo Chain – Antiqued Silver (foot) (58268/s58268)

    2.5 ft – Chain – 4x3mm Classic Cable – Antiqued Silver (foot) (62364/s62364)

    2.5 ft – Chain – Oval Cable Chain – Antiqued Silver (foot) (62387/s62387)

    1 – short piece of chain (number unknown – it was just something from my stash). Probably around 2” in length (adjust to taste), but fairly plain.

    1 – Charm – North Cascades – Antiqued Silver (53598/s53598)


    close up, large spring ring connects chain and charm – opens to capture mask. Also can have charm “set” swapped out for others.
    1. Attach one end of chain one to split ring
    2. Attach one end of chain two, to the same split ring
    3. Attach one end of chain three, to the same split ring.
    4. Repeat Steps 1-3, with the other end of the chains, in the same sequence
    5. Open the Spring Ring Clasp, then thread on the first split ring, with chain attached
    6. Repeat with the second split ring, with chain attached
    7. Make sure that your chains are straight, and match, with no twisting
    8. Open 7 mm jump ring, then attach to Charm
    9. Thread open end of jump ring, to short piece of chain
    10. Close jump ring
    11. Open two more jump rings
    12. Add one to the other end of the short piece of chain
    13. Close jump ring
    14. Add the second to the closed jumpring added in Step 12
    15. Open the Spring Ring Clasp, then add a 9 mm jump ring (no need to open this one, as it will slide right on)
    16. Attach the jump ring added in step 14, to the 9 mm jump ring
    17. Close jump ring
    18. Your Triple Chain Mask Leash is complete!
    19. Open the Spring Ring Clasp, and insert one end of mask ear piece. When you’re ready to put the mask on, it’s simple to just re-open the Spring Ring Clasp, and remove your mask.

    Note: The chain could be made longer, or shorter, depending on your preference. However, I like to just pull it over my head, so 2.5 feet worked out best for me.

    Tools Used:

    2 – Chain Nose Pliers (multiple options) – Note: you could also use Bent Nose Pliers

    1 – Split Ring Plier (23234/s23234)

    I chose to just add one charm, but you are definitely not restricted, by either the number, or type of charms that you add. Pick a theme, and go crazy!!

    This is just the beginning of my mask chain making venture, so watch this space for more options in the near future.

    Keep safe, social distance, wear a mask, and wash your hands!

    alternate idea for a “set” of charms

    Supplies pages