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Jewelry making supplies are our specialty.  Over 25,000 products are here to help you make beautiful jewellery using all of the latest tools, techniques and beads from around the world.  We carry everything for making your own jewelry, including all the glass and crystal beads for making jewelry to the large selection of stringing materials and findings components to make it sparkle.  We have knowledgeable, experienced staff to help you make your project a success.  All of the Beads for Making Jewelry that you can imagine – and hundreds more to keep your creative side busy.

We have an impressive selection of Swarovski Crystals in hundreds of styles, sizes and colors.  Swarovski Elements Pendants & Swarovski Crystal Pearls are also here in most colors too!

Do you need Miyuki Delica Cylinders Beads or Miyuki Seedbeads (round)?  We have over 2,000 colors, sizes and package sizes to fill all your project needs.  Toho Seedbeads are our second huge selection of Japanese Seedbeads,

Czech seedbeads from both Preciosa-Ornela and Jablonex are stocked in hundreds of colors and 6 sizes.

How do I put it all together

We have most Stringing Supplies including needles in Griffin Silk, Fireline, SoftFlex beading cable, C-Lon Beading Cord & Thread and dozens of others including Hemp Cord, and we have several types of stretchy cord for those easy and simple projects too.  And all those metal pieces to hold everything together to tie it together like clasps & connectors.

What can I do with Natural Semi-Precious Gemstones

Jade stones, Laboradorite, Amazonite and another 70 Natural stone beads are in our selection, many from Dakota Stones who provide beautiful quality stones at a reasonable price.

Enjoy our huge selection. There is no need to create an account, but once you do, you can log in to have access to any special pricing, use our “Save for Later” shopping cart, and ensure that any preferences you’ve set or items you’ve placed in your cart will still be there when you return, even as you move from your phone to your computer to your laptop to your tablet to “whatever they will invent next!”

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Latest News and Updates:

  • Real Beads This Week July 2, 2020

    s64919 Glass Beads Wild Rose Flower 12mm - Aqua (12)Some real beads this week – traditional beads like flowers and leaves and firepolish donuts. Pretty novel, for a bead store, right?

    These pretty flower beads inspired me to do this:

    I am going to mount it in a shadow box – although, I have to admit – I kind of want to go berserk and keep going with it from here. The pendant stone is the Poppy Jasper Square Donut – Rosemary rejected this one as being damaged, so I decided to have a go with it.

    s64612 Stone - 50mm Square Donut Pendant - Poppy Jasper

    For the embellishment, I grabbed some Delicas – 10/0 Japanese Cylinders – Dyed Light Smoke Grey Silver Lined Alabaster (tube), Delicas – 10/0 Japanese Cylinders – Matte Metallic Patina Iris (5 grams), and some Delicas – 10/0 Japanese Cylinders – Opaque Limestone Luster (tube)

    dbm0630 Delicas - 10/0 Japanese Cylinders - Dyed Light Smoke Grey Silver Lined Alabaster (tube)dbm0324 Delicas - 10/0 Japanese Cylinders - Matte Metallic Patina Iris (5 grams)dbm0211 Delicas - 10/0 Japanese Cylinders - Opaque Limestone Luster (tube)

    The stick is courtesy of my dogs, that bring me a constant barrage of stuff in the hopes that something will get them a treat.

    Other goodies this week – these strands of mixed Glass Beads – Random Shapes – Green Lumi (strand) are a nice casual chic combo – just begging to be a bracelet.

    s64920 Glass Beads -  Random Shapes - Green Lumi (strand)s64920 Glass Beads -  Random Shapes - Green Lumi (strand)

    Pressed Glass – glass beads that get their shape from being pressed into shape from molten glass – as opposed having the glass cut away by a faceting machine. If you don’t want the shape of flowers, how about flowers on your beads?

    s64917 Glass Beads Dahlia Flower Coin 12mm - Turquoise (15)s64916 Glass Beads Lotus Flower Coin 18mm - Mauve Silk (12)

    Leaves – these are the “classic” leaf – a staple of bead embroidery, embellishment, haute couture, and Czech-inspired boho jewelry. I think of them as the “airplane” leaves, see the airplane pattern in the veins – with little motion “zoomicles” coming out the back? Ha ha – now you can’t “un-see” it, can you? Honestly – we have lots of leaf beads and flower beads to choose from, in colors from naturalistic to not-even-remotely.

    s64926 Glass Beads Leaf 7x12mm - Misty Sage (25)s64924 Glass Beads Leaf 5x10mm - Topaz Crystal (25)

    s64923 Glass Beads Leaf 5x10mm - Turquoise Mauve (25)s64927 Glass Beads Leaf 5x10mm - Turquoise Amber (25)

    s64928 Czech Glass Hibiscus Flower 7mm - Blue Turquoise Lumi (12)s64756 Glass Flower Beads Flared Cup Pressed Bell 7x5mm - Raven Black (Pack)

    s63102 Glass Flower Beads Flared Cup Pressed Bell 7x5mm - Silver Etch (25)s62570 Czech Glass - 7mm Hibiscus Flower - Coral Red Picasso (12)

    I used to focus on black flowers in my garden – black pansies, black tulips, etc. Nowadays – I have a black dog (and two more that are mostly black) that make gardening a challenge. If it can grow after being sat on, run over, or dug up – I consider it a win – whatever its color.

    And, maybe a few nice clasps to go with those beads?

    Nothing takes a simple bracelet and kicks it up a notch like a nice clasp. This simple toggle with a imitation opal is a nice choice. And this pearl version is nice too!

    s64930 Toggle Clasp -  Simple Round Cabochon - Glass Opal - Sterling Silvers64933 Toggle Clasp -  Simple Round Cabochon - Grey Pearl - Sterling

    If you have been admiring this froggy clasp, we now have in it brass, for almost half the price of the gold-plated version.

    s64934 Clasp -  Frog on a Lily Pad - Bright Brasss63633 Clasp -  Frog on a Lily Pad - Gold Plated

    Likewise, this showy Gingko-themed toggle clasp, Bright Brass, vs Sterling Silver

    s64937 Toggle Clasp -  Ginkgo - Bright Brasss8328 Toggle Clasp - 30mm Ginkgo - Sterling

    And this clasp, not quite so big a difference pricewise, because the gold plated one is old stock from before the price of gold went up. We won’t be able to re-stock it at that price!

    s64939 Toggle Clasp -  Ornated Carved - Bright Brasss63655 Toggle Clasp -  Ornated Carved - Gold Plated

    We have no equivalent for this owl clasp though. We have other owls aplenty, mind you.

    s64935 Clasp -  Branch Manager Owl - Gold Plated

    Maybe a pussy-cat to go with those owls? The Owl and the Pussy-cat went to bead some beautiful pea-green beads.

    s64914 Czech Glass Beads -  Sitting Cat - Memories of Egypt (15)

    There is a few more items, oh, and a shout out to Laura, who wanted to buy the rest of the GoodFelt beading foundation colors as singles instead of packs – available now! 😉 You, too, are welcome to make product suggestions!

    74509858-20s Bead Embroidery GoodFelt Beading Foundation 8.5x11in - Sky Blue74509858-18s Bead Embroidery GoodFelt Beading Foundation 8.5x11in - Seafoam
    74509858-12s Bead Embroidery GoodFelt Beading Foundation 8.5x11in - Purple74509858-11s Bead Embroidery GoodFelt Beading Foundation 8.5x11in - Light Purple


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    Bead shopping in the time of COVID-19 – This Week – July 2

    Where did the year go? Oh yeah – quarantine and isolation. It’s a different world now, that’s for sure. We hope you had a lovely Canada Day, and stayed safe while enjoying the weather. And a Happy and safe Fourth of July as well.


    Open for in-store Shopping – Wednesday – Saturday 11-6. Reservations preferred.

    Wear a mask | Social distance | Hand sanitizer at the door.

    Closed Sunday.

    Monday & Tuesdays, we will be in-store picking and shipping. Curbside pick up available 11-6. No in-store access.

    We are back up to speed in picking and shipping. Canada Post states on their website: “Customers should anticipate delays as important safety measures, including physical distancing, means it takes longer to process heavy parcel-volumes.” Sigh.

    Online orders, pre-paid only, can be picked up curbside 11-6, Monday – Friday.

    • If you are local – you should see an option to select “Store Pick-up/Walk in” in the shopping cart as the shipping method. You will not be charged for shipping, even if you are under the free shipping limit.
    • If, for some reason, you do not see the option for “Store Pick-up/Walk in” – say, your address on file falls outside the computer’s definition of “local,” but you still want to come and get it, then you can choose “call-back” as an option, and tell us you want to pick it up in the comment box, and we will remove the shipping, and call you for payment info.
    • We will call when it is ready and arrange a pick-up window of time. Pick-ups will be on Mondays to Fridays, 11-6 pm.

    Phones are being answered Monday through Saturday (11 am – 6 pm). If you need answers about does “this” go with “that,” just ask and we will try to help.

    You are all awesome – we are profoundly grateful for your support and happy to be part of creative process, or coping strategy, as the case may be!

    We love your little notes of appreciation – we treasure every one of them.

    Stay Safe!

    As always – the new stuff is all here!

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Our Class News

  • Mid-July classes are HOT!

    The temperature is rising and so is the creativity in our mid-July classes! Gillian Clarke, Pamela Kearns, and Laurier Poirier (BeadFX’s newest instructor!) are bringing you amazing virtual classes. If you’ve ever wanted to create a beaded box – Gillian will show you how! Pam will show you how to create a bead mosaic using an ancient technique developed by the Huichol people of northwest Mexico. Laurie will have you creating a season’s worth of wire rings – perfect for yourself, friends and family!

    For the first time since March, we are offering an in-studio class with Liz Kennedy. Join Liz and forge away to create a statement copper cuff. In keeping with Provincial mandates, this class will be kept small and all attendees will be masked during the full class.

    Looking for company while you bead or do chainmaille? Look no further than our weekly FREE Virtual Afternoon Bead Teas!

    Here are the classes and sessions scheduled July 11 – 20:

    Tuesday, July 14

    NEW Virtual Class: Ring in the Summer Ring Making Class
    Laurie Poirier
    2:00 – 3:00pm
    Using only wire and beads, you’ll explore various styles of rings you’ll be proud to wear!

    Virtual Class: Huichol-style Bead Mosaic
    Pamela Kearns
    6:00 – 8:00pm
    Discover a new way to get creative with beads! Using only wax as an adhesive, you’ll be able to dcreate jewellery, home decor and more!

    Wednesday, July 15

    FREE Virtual Afternoon Bead Tea
    Pamela Kearns
    1:30 – 3:30pm
    Be a part of the wider beading community while working on your projects!

    Thursday, July 16

    NEW Virtual Class and Multi-day Bead-along: SuperDuo Box by Katie Dean
    Gillian Clarke
    6:00 – 8:00pm
    Being taught with permission from designer Katie Dean, you’ll learn how to build a box using SuperDuo beads toppped off with a sparking Swarovski rivoli!

    Saturday, July 18

    In-Studio Class: T-Fold Cuff
    Liz Kennedy
    12:00 – 3:00pm
    Forge your own copper cuff using a variation of fold-forming – a perfect introduction to metalwork!

    Click on the class/session title for complete details and on-line registration. To see all of the month’s activities, go to the July class calendar.

Our Latest Inspiration

  • InspirationFX: Falling Leaves

    Get your creative juices flowing

    Falling Leaves

    by: Rosemary Beasley

    When I saw the two strands of the “freeform” tiger iron, I was inspired by their “leafy” shape to make a necklace inspired by the fall season. The tiger iron is streaked with slate, rust and little hits of mustard yellow making me think of November skies and falling leaves. The glass leaves and 2mm pearls add a lightness contrasting with the darkness of the tiger iron.


    Go to our components list for this project and to buy what you need!

    Need some help with some of the techniques? Check our tips page.