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It’s now just Tuesday morning and I’m already a day behind and deeply confused as to which day of the week it is. It feels like Wednesday already. Ack!

Yesterday started out with my sitting down to do the weekly photography shoot for the store. About 3 pictures into it, the camera reported a “card error.” Well – given that I shoot hundreds of pics a week, pull that card in and out of the camera over and over, and have been using it for years, that really wasn’t a huge surprise.

I popped it into the card reader on the computer, and, indeed, it wasn’t reading. So – off to … Staples, I guess, as I have other office-y things to get. I head out the door, it’s now mid-morning. I spend a lot of time at office supply place, and don’t actually find everything I want, of course. But at least they seem to have dropped that deeply annoying policy of asking everyone if they found what they were looking for. This annoys me because the cashiers have obviously been told that if they don’t ask, they are in trouble, because there is no indication that they: a) care, b) make a note of it, c) will help you find it, or d) realize that if you didn’t find any of what you were looking for at all, you wouldn’t be at the check-out desk in the first place. Argh!

Anyway – $350 later (I got distracted by a bunch of other stuff) – I’m home and it’s now early afternoon. I carve the new memory card out of the blister packaging – and there’s another thing that annoys the heck out of me – packaging that you can’t get into. I’d like to take the executives from some of these companies and put them in a room and videotape them trying to open the packages without damaging the product. I put the card in the camera – take a few shots, and then transfer it to the computer to make sure that all is working well, before shooting a couple of hundred pictures. It is working fine. On a whim, I try the old card again, and LO! It works. Double Argh.

Now I’m three quarters of a day behind, I need to leave for an appointment, and I just spent a whack of cash that could have waited. Great start to the week. Let’s hope it gets better.

I seriously need a time machine. Where’s the Doctor when you need him?

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