Summer Sizzles @ BeadFX

I can’t quite explain it, but every summer, the hotter it gets the more people want to lampwork! Maybe, it’s because they can’t wait to make fun and summery beads.
Maybe, they use it as reverse air-conditioning (because after sitting at a torch and reaching into a 950°F kiln for a few hours, even the summer heat feels cool!).
Or, maybe it stems from a deep-seated desire to roast marshmallows on a campfire! Whatever the reason, why not join in on all the fun! Drop by our studio and check out the glass, mandrels, torches and kilns used to create beautiful handmade glass beads. And while you’re at it, why not sign up for a class! Coming in August, Dwyn Tomlinson (aka DragonJools) will be teaching her famous 4-Hour Introduction to Lampwork class and 10-Hour Learn to Make Glass Beads Weekend. Students flock to Dwyn’s classes – coming from great distances (Brazil, Spain) or just down the street. Her enthusiasm and passion for glass spills over onto the students and gives them permission to delight in the wonder of this new found obsession. Her sense of humor, patience and background in technical writing and adult education serve her well in teaching beginners.
The 4-hour Introduction to Lampworking is an excellent class for “getting your feet wet.” If you are curious about working with glass, making beads or just want to try something different – then this is a good introduction. Of course, in four hours, it’s impossible to cover everything – but you will get a sense of just how addictive this pastime can be! During the class you will touch on a wide range of techniques, discuss safety, setting up a home studio, sources, and re-sources. The class is all hands-on, with a Minor™ torch for each student. Students usually make 6-12 beads during the class and will practice creating basic round beads, shaped beads and dotted and bumpy beads. If time permits, you may also get to work with frit or silver foil or try your hand at a floral design.
The Learn to Make Glass Beads Weekend is a 10-hour weekend class designed to introduce you to making glass beads by hand! More in-depth than the 4-hour intro – this class is excellent for those who are complete beginners or who have taken a short introduction. Techniques are covered in more detail, and there is more practice time. You will also get to pull stringers and twisties or attempt a hollow bead as time permits. The beads you make in these classes will be kiln-annealed and will be available for pick-up the following day. If you are from out of town, we are happy to mail them to you at no extra charge. Please wear cotton fabric or other non-flammable clothing; long, tight-fitting sleeves and closable collars; old jeans, and if you have long hair, please tie it back. Safety glasses are provided. And if coffee makes your hands shake, you may want to refrain before the class. 😉

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