Growing Like a Weed

With all the rain we’ve had these last two months, the garden is growing with a ferocity that I’ve never seen before – the Hollyhocks are easily 7 and 8 feet tall – I have an Echinacea that snarls at me when I go by, and the 4 foot tall statue of a heron that I bought in the spring has completely disappeared in the overgrowth!

In my case, it’s only going to get more extreme. I was mixing some fertilizer up – the kind you dilute in water – for the new cedar hedge we planted this year. It’s been growing really well – but I wanted to get one more feeding in before the rest of the summer. My method is to fill a large tub with water, mix in the fertilizer, and scoop out bucketfuls for each tree (30 of them!). I was measuring out the fertilizer into the full tub of water when an incident required my immediate attention and action. This is what we call a “dog story” in my house. I charge off, fix the problem at hand, and when I return – where’s the fertilizer? Yes – I had dropped it – straight into the tub of water, mixing up about a year’s supply.

So I did a lot of fertilizing, things I did not intend to fertilize, including a big patch of the lawn where I finally dumped the remainder of the tub out.

I guess I’d better go sharpen up the lawn mower!

BTW – isn’t the Hollyhock a wonderful colour? I’d love to reproduce that shading of colour on a bead!!!

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  1. I was exploring the beadFX site and I came across your blog. Those hollyhocks reminded me of the plants my mom used to have; I could practically see them through my bedroom window. But your flowers are definitely vigorous, they look about the size of hibiscus blooms! And the colour is just beautiful and I’d love to see them as lampwork beads, especially with that graduated colour from dark to light.

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