Naming Your Creations

Sometimes, when I make a piece of jewellery, or even just a bead, a name comes to me out of the blue. Sometimes, it comes afterward, when I hold it in my hand. Sometimes, it is a simple description, or based on circumstances. For instance, this dichroic glass beauty is called “Woot” – which is short for, depending on your source, “Wow-loot” or “Want One Of Those.” Both meanings are good, in my opinion – they are come from gaming slang.

The Pink Dragon is known as “Heartburn” – not for his colour, but because I had a vicious attack of heartburn while making him – as you may know, lampworking is not an activity you can stop – the glass shatters if you let it cool down and then heat it up rapidly – so there was no choice but to soldier on. Now, I keep antacid tablets by the kiln!

Despite having an almost unlimited supply of names, I love Random Name Generators – usually created by gamers, for gamers, they create lists of names for fantasy role playing. My personal fave is Seventh Sanctum – which includes name generators for fantastical jewellery and other items. You could create the name, and design the jewellery to match, or match the names to your over-the-top creations. (For those not familiar with role playing games, generally, finding objects like rings and bracelets allowed you to boost your strength and skills, sometimes even granting new ones by putting them on. Sometimes, the object was cursed, which meant that it decreased your skills and abilities. Cursed items are not easily removed, however.)

Here’s some selected names:

Accursed Earrings of Climbing Control
Amulet of Crazed Vipers
Dancing Pendant
Demonic Diadem of Slay Goblins
Earrings of Hypnotize Fish
Glimmering Bracelet
Great Walkers’ Charm of Crystal Hand
Tiara of Earth Bolts
Necklace of Seeking
Ring of the Fine Dwarf
Bracelet of Summon Carvers
Amazons’ Earrings of Dexterity

Earrings of Hypnotize Fish? Hmmm – that has possibilities . . . . Bracelet of Summon Carvers – can I get that as a Bracelet of Summon Construction Workers?

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