A Sense of Wonder

If you’ve been beading or stringing or otherwise making jewellery for a while – you’ve probably learned a LOT. The more you explore the world of beads, the more fabulous and fascinating insider knowledge you get. (Especially if you read our website – as I tend to prattle on about details!)

You have to remember what you didn’t know when you started – you have to keep that sense of wonder, remember the mystery and magic of it all, and not let is slip away.

Case in point. I had some friends from my “other life” visit me – from my “dog” world – (ever find you have more than one circle of friends with almost no overlap? Maybe work and family? For me, it’s beads and dogs.) They wanted to see where I make stuff – so I gave them the grand tour. They were fascinated – even with simple stuff. Single beads that I would relegate to the scrap heap – they were admiring and playing with. It reminded me that if you are new to this – even a simple bead or a nicely done, single strand necklace can be a wonder – an unimaginable mystery, a joy, a bijou – a precious little trinket!

Never lose the wonder! Try and remember what you didn’t know once upon a time (or last Tuesday) and hold those memories somewhere – pull them out every once in a while and look at them! Remember the Magic!

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