Lampwork Artist Profiles – Day 1

We’re getting very excited about our beadmakers trunk show this weekend. If you can, join us on Saturday May 30th from 10 to 5pm for beadmaking demos, yummy edibles, and a chance to buy the most fabulous lampwork beads from Toronto’s best artists. Over the next few days, I’ll be profiling some of our participants.

Elly Peters

My friends call me Elly.

About three years ago, I discovered hot glass! I fell in love with the look and feel of lampwork bead jewelry, and decided that no matter what, I was going to learn how to do this amazing art.
I found a workshop at beadfx, took a class from an amazing teacher (Amy Waldman-Smith!), and hit the ground running! I soon set myself up with a hothead (a single fuel torch) and a kiln.

I find that the process of melting the glass ‘grounds’ me. I really enjoy the meditation and calmness that this artistic outlet creates for me.

The process of photographing the bead is very important to me. This is the moment when I ‘fall’ for my own work (or not).

If my work evokes an emotional reaction, whether it’s a “oo! I want that!” or a “wow, that really speaks to me!”, then it’s a success in my opinion.

There’s nothing like slipping a necklace over your neck or a bracelet on your wrist that has beads that:
a) you enjoy feeling
b) are sentimental and significant.
c) are each completely handmade and unique

Erin Maloney

Hi, my name is Erin Maloney. I create handmade lampwork glass beads and lampwork jewelry designs in my home-based studio, here in Burlington, Ontario Canada. Art has always been my passion! My artistic interests and talents date back to when I was just four years old. I had gone on my first-ever family vacation to – no where else other than – Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida of course! I was so amazed at the creativity that surrounded me.

I often think back to when I was four and I now wonder “how could I have been so appreciative of “art” at such a young age?” Somehow, I was! I was drawn to all things imaginative and creative, and inspired by it. Because of my extensive interest in all art and design, my studio has been geared toward many things over the years…painting and drawing, clay, paper maché sculptural work, stained glass and now, flame working! I have finally found the medium meant for me! I have absolutely no idea how I came across searching “lampwork” on eBay, but one day, I noticed some gorgeous works of art. I looked further into it on the rest of the internet and thought to myself it would be so neat to learn how to do this! I enrolled in Dwyn Tomlinson’s beginners’ class at beadFX and the rest is history! After only four hours of instruction, it was then that I finally realized that my artistic soul mate was, in fact… glass! I was hooked and I am now here to stay!

The decision to pursue lampworking, as opposed to enrolling in another full-time college course, was a major adjustment! I thought family and friends would be disappointed in me for my decision to not attend school, and instead, sit in front of a torch all day to melt glass. When I finally vocalized my vision, the people I love couldn’t have been any more supportive! My parents thought it would be a great creative shift for me, my younger sister Sarah couldn’t have been more excited for me and my loving fiancé (and best friend) of eight years, Jay, was equally supportive. He helped me realize that life is all about doing what you want to do, and to have fun while you’re at it!

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