Corsage Project

Nathalie asked yesterday about how the Corsage Project went this year. It was a huge success – but I am sorry to say that donations were down in terms of the number of donors. We still had a large number of items donated – don’t get me wrong – but they were largely donated by just a handful of people – which was a little disappointing.

I believe over 300 girls were outfitted – the number rises every year. It’s good that more and more girls are being helped and are graduating – it’s sad that the number that need help isn’t going down.

And my apologies – I did not manage to get photos of the pieces this year. It’s just that the timing was off in terms of when they were delivered to us and when they were picked up. Also – a significant number of them were by me – and it felt too much like self-advertising to put up a page of photos of my own work for that purpose.

Thanks for asking Nathalie!

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  1. Thank you very much for the update on how things went for the 2009 edition of the Corsage Project.

    You know, I only found out about it by accident and pretty much at the last minute, because I was looking around your website.

    I don't know when you start talking about it and promoting it normally, but perhaps add a blurb about it in your Etsy shop announcement and on the top of the home page on your site, and start mentioning it earlier in your newsletter and on the blog perhaps?

    It's a really good cause and you are generous with your sponsorship as well. Perhaps also adding a few lines on your invoices that you send out with your orders to all your customers might also help spread the word?

    Just brainstorming here a bit 🙂
    I hope you don't mind…

    Nathalie in Calgary

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