The resin pendant unveiling

Normally, when something doesn’t work as planned – I would hide it away so that no one could see.  However, I’m all for showing the good, the bad, and the ugly 😉 It’s how we learn afterall, and if you can learn from my mistakes, rather than making your own costly ones – all the better.

Before  I show you the picture, I want to make a couple notes.

1) I ‘thought’ having the silver peeking through the gold would be kinda cool (NO)

2) Somehow I failed kindergarden in the using scissors department. Next time I won’t reduce the hearts so much, and be more careful to make sure the cutouts are exact. Not entirely sure what I was thinking. That resin was magic, and would make it look awesome anyway?

3) I have not yet cleaned up the silver, they still need a bit of filing, polishing, and buffing work.

4) Out of 9 pendants – I have 2 to 4 which I think will be salvageable once I’ve cleaned them up a bit. We’ll see.

5) Does anyone know how to remove cured resin?

And so, I present you the resin pendants….

Have a great weekend all!  Tonight was supposed to be  movie night with the kidlets, but after my daughter destroyed another batch of my makeup last night.  I’m pulling out my mica supplies and letting them make their own play makeup. If you can’t beat them join them.

And no, I can’t hide it any higher than I’ve hidden it already. The makeup which they still managed to get was on the highest shelf in my laundry room (which I can’t even reach). 
My girls are quite ingenious though. If you place a step stool on top of the washing machine – it’s quite reachable by 4 and 6 year olds….sigh.

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  1. jen

    I discovered how to remove resin – Acetone based nail polish remover works fairly quickly. I soaked the pendants in a layer of nail polish remover (in a glass jar) for about an hour. I was able to pick of the resin.

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