Baking and Beading

I’m scrambling like a mad woman today. As usual, no matter how well I plan – I fall behind. This time, something came up which prevented me from getting much done over the last few weeks….But knowing the procrastinator that I am – Even if the little time snag never happened, I would still be behind. 🙂

Today is baking and beading day – 4 beading/jewelry gifts left to make, and all of my holiday baking.  The beading I won’t get to until late tonight after I get the kids to bed, and all of the other presents wrapped.  I can get the kids involved in the baking – maybe. This is actually the second time I’ve attempted my holiday baking..I had ‘help’ last time as well 😉

I also just discovered that I forgot to send out Christmas cards this year – again. sigh 🙂

And so, I make one last ditch effort to get as much done as I can. Tomorrow, I’m going to sit back and enjoy the holidays…done or not! I have a stash of Bailey’s, rum, eggnog, and assortment of frozen hors d’oeuvres if nothing else – all is good! 🙂

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