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Must be a Dragon – working to Scale!

s28977 Metal Charm/Pendant -  Tree of Life - Antiqued Zinc (1)
It was a dark and stormy night, and outside, the wind whipped through the trees like a dominatrix turned gardener. Inside, was Ms Liberty Bell, Belle of the Ball. We called her Belle – because she was shaped like a bell. Also, she never rang.
s28978 Metal Beads - 15 mm Filigree Pumpkin - Antiqued Zinc (1)She had arrived in an old fashioned s28979 Metal Beads - 16 mm Shooting Flames Puff Coin - Antiqued Zinc (1)coach – well – more like a Filigree Pumpkin, shooting flames.
She wore a long flowing gown of Alhambra Lace, and a leafy cap, and she had a monster hook, where her right hand used to be. Before the adventure. That was a story. She’d gone to Big Hole Dot’s place, and pulled the Chain Tassel. The s28982 Metal Charm/Pendant - 55 mm Chain Tassel - Antiqued Silver (1)creature had appeared. s28988 Metal Charm/Pendant - 30 mm Wings Take Flight - Antiqued Silvertone (1)We’re not sure what it was, but it had wings. It could have been a dragon, working to scale. I know, I still can’t be-leaf it.s28975 Metal Bead Cone -  Dragon Scales - Antiqued Zinc (1)

s29094 Objects -  Compact - Silvertone (1)
Well – if that compact little story didn’t divert you (or appall you), maybe you’d like to bling up these compacts and slip one into your purse?
75501005-27 Rattail Cord - 1.5 mm Satin Mousetail Cord - Strawberry Pink (yard)
You know what Rattail is, right? It’s a gorgeous satiny cord that comes in a rainbow of colours and is perfect for knotting and simple stringing for a large pendant. Ever wonder if there was a thinner version? A diet rattail, so to speak? Well – yes there is – and it’s called 75501000b Rattail Cord - 1 mm Satin Mini-Mousetail Cord - Black (Spool)(drumroll please!) – Mousetail! And we have it – a whole rainbow page full of it. Oh, and also in black, some even thinner stuff called – waaaait for it – Mini-Mousetail.
s29199 Book -  Explore, Create, Resinate - Mixed Media Techniques using ICE Resin (r) - by Jen CushmanLooking to have a go with the ICE Resin and not sure where to start – Explore, Create and Resinate is great for beginners and experienced resinaters.

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