Last night – I dreamed beadFX had the first cloned Woolly Mammoth. It was a little smaller than I anticipated, about the size of a buffalo – but still – pretty darn impressive. I know we try to carry EVERYTHING that you might conceivably want, but really … .

I’ve been contemplating my bottles of Ice Resin – trying to figure out what to make. looking for inspiration – I turned to one of our new books – “Explore, Create, Resinate.” Sitting down to read it, and reading the very detailed instructions at the beginning of the book, which also includes some recent history of resin and some of the difficulties of working with it that have been overcome – I am struck with how much easier it has gotten to realize your creative ideas.

For instance, I used to make collaged jewellry (see pic). We had a choice of glues – Toxic, and Toxic-er. I was active in an online forum – and people got sick doing this.

Folks wanted safer glues, and now they are available.

Not only are better, easier to use, and safer products readily available – but more information is being shared about those products. In reading about ICE Resin, I am impressed with statements like – “(opened bottle) shelf life is about a year – other resins last longer, but the chemicals to stabilize the resin and make it last longer are toxic.” I personally really appreciate that level of understanding!

And the range of options for creative media is crazy awesome! Crystal clear ICE Resin. Epoxy Clay. Polymer clay. Metal Clay. Tutorials and books and forums and other ways of learning and sharing. If you can imagine it, someone has invented the product to do it with.

So really – while a cloned woolly mammoth might be out of our reach this year – and I’m not sure it fits with the whole personal adornment theme anyway – the sky pretty much is the limit for finding ways to make just exactly what you want!

Hmmm – maybe a dinosaur themed bracelet … .

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