Easiest Ring in the World – Again

I love this ring – sorry – but I just love it. First time I made this, it came about because I just dropped the stone into the bezel and it fitted perfectly and wouldn’t come out. Well – that was easy!

Stephanie Dixon loved the idea too – but she made hers with a little Apoxie clay to hold it in place – which also elevates the stone a little – which looks nice too.

After last week’s ring project, I had some clay left over, so I put a small ball in a square bezel ring, and put the stone on top. Awesome.

It’s just a matter of picking colours!

Crystal Copper with Copper!

Here, you can see and compare side by side. From the left, Crystal, Silver Shadow, and Black Diamond.

Click on an image below to go to the website if you want to make your own! (The link will go to the correct page – and you can pick your colours from there.)

11724930080001 Swarovski Elements Rhinestones - 20 mm Chessboard Square (2493) - Crystal (1)

24901020-00 Findings - 21 mm Square Bezel Ring - Silverplated (1)

88819003 Two Part Epoxy Clay -  Apoxie Sculpt - Black (Pack)

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