We’re open for business!

Well – as of 11 am we are!

Can’t say that everything is completely in place – but we’re good to go! Oh, there’s some doors missing (don’t wander into the janitor’s room by mistake – we are NOT selling mops!) – and only about half of the cabinets are in place – and the phones aren’t working (which means no debit transactions) – but we’re here and we are moved!

Check out this awesome panorama of the showroom. (This is what the store looked like, Saturday eveing – by now – the ladder is put away and it looking even neater and better.)

BTW – this image is all stitched together automatically by Photoshop. I am completely blown away by this function. (Click on the image for a larger version!)

 As you can see – our lovely, custom wooden cabinets have come with us …

 But have not necessarily all been reinstalled. In which case, we’re making do with tables.

And with so much more space, we’ll be able to lay things out with more room around them. 

Well – for the few weeks that it takes for us to fill the place up again. Actually – I’m pretty boggled at how full it looks already. Anybody want to bet how long before Rosemary is complaining that we are out of room?

The sign is installed out front, and we are back to business as, more or less, usual. Looking forward to having you drop on by!

19 Waterman Ave
Unit 2
Toronto, Ontario
M4B 1Y2
(that’s Make 4 Beads, I’ll Yank two.)

Oh, and in further driving around in the area – I’ve found if you come along O’Connor to the big home depot, turn just north of the Home Depot (on Curity Ave, before the Home Depot if you are coming from Eglinton – it’s big – you’ll spot it in time) – and then do right, left, and we are on the right, half a block up. It’s a good way to go back too – as there is a light that makes it easy to turn back onto O’Connor.

Tip: Drop your hubby off at Home Depot – so he doesn’t notice how long you are in the store.  😉 Yes – I know, that is a horribly presumptuous remark – and plays into many stereotypes. Rest assured, the gentlemen who are shopping at beadFX are welcome to drop their wives at Home Depot. Both of them.


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