Do you do Hearts?

Yup, it’s that time of year again. Valentines day is coming up. You either love it, hate it – or simply don’t really care one way or another. 😉  To be honest, I don’t usually even remember that it’s Valentines Day until it’s too late to bother planning anything. Hubby and I are usually far to involved in other projects to remember. This year though, the girls want to decorate the whole house in a variety of gaudy Valentines Day decorations. Sigh…

With all of these thoughts of Valentine decorations, I started thinking that maybe I should get busy making hearts. I find there are two camps when it comes to heart shaped beads. You either love em’, or hate em’. Personally, I adore making them. I love the shape, and I enjoy making them in glass or metal. I’m not so crazy about wearing them, but then again – I don’t generally wear jewelry. I should, I know – and in all of my years of running the shop, I was probably the least decorated person there. 🙂

What about you? We’d love to hear what you think about hearts – love em’, or hate em’?

Here are a few heart shaped beads I’ve done over the years. My goodness, and this only scratches the surface. Yup, it seems I like hearts!

Heart components made with Fast Fire Bronze

Lampwork glass heart with 24k gold leaf

Keyhole Heart made with Fast Fire Bronze

Lampwork Heart made with Iris Orange (raku)

Art Clay Silver Textured Heart

Copper sheet hand cut into a heart shape with paper and resin


  1. I love the idea of hearts and working with them (just finished recently one necklace, and made another at my son's request)… however, I don't care much for the Valentine's Day. It's far too comercialized for my taste 🙂
    We have another tradition in our culture – one that celebrates Spring and your loved ones – a lovely tradition 🙂

  2. kia

    It's interesting that most of the hearts you show here are elongated, not the more traditional plumper heart. Perhaps this is a comment on the more traditional, or maybe it is a coincidence. They are lovely.

    Personally I avoid hearts as being too obviously sentimental. I dislike Valentine's day because I don't have a sweetheart! Maybe that is why I avoid hearts!

  3. I really appreciate that this was some time ago. However, I would be so grateful to know where you learnt your art! The metal heart lock especially appeals (btw, I do NOT do Valentine, ugh). I do do jewellery making & want to expand my skills. If there is any advice you would be willing to give, that would be amazing! Thank you. Your pieces are beautiful & unique! C

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