Seven days without beads — makes one weak

Oh, you poor thing you – you must be in a state of
bead deprivation! As opposed to us. We are NOT in a state of bead deprivation
– at least none of us who were involved in the inventory. We counted
over 500,000 sales units – so from individual beads to packages to strands
– whatever we sell them as – over half a million items in the store
you believe it? Can you fathom counting that many beads? (Yeah – some of
you are muttering to yourself, “Hey – you haven’t seen MY workroom have

So – thank you for your patience! In addition to the inventory, we have
installed a new point of sale system in the store – which will shortly be
talking to our website – which will relieve the issue of us running
out of an item online because it sold out in the store. This way – when it
sells out in the store, it will also not be available online. This will prevent
disappointment and frustration for all!

The new point of sale system – for those of you who pop into the store to
pick up your beads – will also give you a spiffy new receipt that actually
lists the item and it’s numbers and prices, so that if you keep track, or
just want to be able to buy the same beads again – then you will have all
that information at your fingertips! It’s a big win all around!

s33582 Stone Beads - 12 mm Round - Labradorite (1)So – onto this week’s beads.

s33573 Stone Beads - 16 mm Round - Pyrite (1)This
week – is a small collection of stone beads – including some handsome, large,
rounds. From 12
mm Labradorite
to 16
mm Pyrite
, with a side trip to 16 mm Red
Tiger Eye
, which is just down
the lane from 16 s33574 Stone Beads - 16 mm Round - Goldstone (1)mm Goldstone.
Look for all of them on the stone
pages flagged “New.”
s33579 Stone Beads -  Carved Owl - Mookaite (1)As33580 Stone Beads -  Carved Owl - Grey Agate (1)lso
– some more yummy carved stone owls! In Mookaite,
and Grey
. The colours in the Mookaite are so rich and so strong – it can
be hard to believe that it is one stone when you have two pieces in such
different colours. As I explained to someone this past weekend, while we
were counting beads, and she asked me if perhaps we had two types of beads
mixed-in together – Mookaite looks like peanut butter on a brick. 
s33568 Stone Beads - 45 mm Coin Pendant - Sienna Impression Jasper (1)We
also have some new stone pendants – great as a focal piece on Kumihimo –
by the way! This Sienna
Impression Jasper
evokes aerial photographs of river basins – or perhaps
newly discovered alien worlds? I think that one at the bottom of the picture
should be called “Oceanus.”
s33567 Stone Beads - 35 x 45 mm Rectangle Pendant - Lapis Lazuli (1)And,
if you love Lapis, and who doesn’t but if you really, really adore Lapis
and, like, have posters on the ws33566 Stone Beads - 30 x 60 mm Teardrop Pendant - Lapis Lazuli (1)all
with little hearts drawn on them – then – Yay! Lapis
Pendants, in two shapes
! Because, if there is a more beautiful stone
on the planet – I don’t think I could stand it! 
Greens33565 Stone Beads - 30 x 60 mm Teardrop Pendant - Green Impression Jasper (1) Impression
– look – the one I’m holding has a reindeer on it! Can you see it?
I didn’t even notice that before! Remember – each pendant is unique and has
it’s own personality! 
s33563 Stone Beads - 30 x 40 mm Oval - Cappuccino Jasper (1)And
this is Cappuccino
– warm cocoa-coloured swirls and lines. Some look
like wood-grain – and that one on the front – I swear – that one looks like
a thumbprint! 
So, as usual, lots to explore, this week all the new stuff
is in the stone
! Click on a link in the side menu, or start with
the Main
and take a look around.
Yes – we know there is a LOT there, so you can take it in
in bite-size portions by checking out these categories: Firepolish, Pressed
, Swarovski
, Seedbeads, Stone
and Pearls
, Preciosa
, Metal
, Other
Cool Beads
, Findings, Metal
Clay & Supplies
or Books,
Kits, Tools
And don’t forget to check out our free, yes, free
. Over 300 to choose from – a new one every week!

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