More Bead Quilt-y Goodness

Not all contributions to the Bead and Button Bead-it-Forward Charity Bead Quilt are peyote (or gourd stitch) squares. This quilt – “Winging in from North Carolina” consists of squares by the Capital Area Beading Organization (CABO) in Raleigh, North Carolina. It was quilted by Stacy Werkeiser, associate Editor for Bead & Button magazine.

Some folks are combining beading with felting, sequins, applique, and other surface decoration techniques! Multiple submissions from some contributors show off their diverse talents!

This square by Sarah Shaw uses fiber to evoke an ocean for this little ducky to float on!

Evelyn Studer chose a metal casting, and embellished it and the felt square with seedbeads. 

 This very patriotic piece by Carolyn Duffield features an eagle charm over stitched rows of seed beads. 

 This piece by Rose Puri has a brass Chickie charm on a black background, festooned with seedbeads and star sequins.

 By Jane Harrison, this is a peyote stitched field azure, with a pewter birdie bead.

 Michelle Carr peyote stitched a peacock – which is so dazzling – it’s hard to see the peacock for the beads!

 Emily White combined a base of stitched cubes with an owl button, and stars and a moon sequin.

JoAnn Barton peyoted a parrot!

 Evelyn Studer’s Owl button is at home in the night sky!

 Rose Puri bird is a joyous riot of bubbly beads!

 Carolyn Duffield’s birdy on a branch is spartan with a graphic approach.

 Suzanne Carpenter’s flamingo is a study in contrast – a flamingo of the night.

 Kathy Carter “birds in a cherry tree” is charming – looking like an illustration for a child’s book.

 Carol W. Sell “sells” me on this loomed cardinal.


 Helen Hobson gets playful with a duck-amongst-the-stars.

 Titania Delgado offers her take on the peyote peacock.

 Evelyn Studer created a bezel for this 3-d chickadee. This is the centerpiece for the quilt!

 Emily White – adorns a cast metal bird for a pretty in pink effect.

 Sarah Shaw’s swallow charm zips across a felted sunset!

 Patricia Harter’s flamingo almost glows – the contrast of the fuchsia and the seafoam beads screams “Miami Heat!”

 Lois Bressler fancies a flamingo in peyote stitch.

 Helen Hobson’s bird bead sings to the stars!

 Michelle Carr created a dove of peace in bright, cheerful colours.

 Titania Delgado – a magnificent parrot in peyote!

 Rita Amos does her take on the owl button with beads!

 Emily White delightfully evokes Pingu – the penguin with an enamelled charm and a pile of ice cubes!

 Emily White’s companion piece, owl button with stitched cubes and stars and moon sequins.

 Titania Delgado renders the pattern that I have come to think of as “crow with a ribbon worm.”

 Sarah Shaw’s ceramic bird bead found a home in a felted fibre nest.

 Reggi Powel’s birdy and beads has an almost storybook feel to it.

 Carolyn Duffield weighs in with another patriotic red, white and blue and eagle combo. I particularly like the addition of a pink breast cancer ribbon in his beak.

 Titania Delgado demonstrates here that she does more than just stitch a mean peyote stitch.

 Helen Hobson evokes the tropics with a turquoise coloured parakeet button on a fuchsia background.

 Hope you enjoy all these inspiring samplers. Maybe you too would like to join the Bead it Forward project? More details here.

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