It’s a seed-beady day!

Those of you who don’t revel in big stashs of seedbeads, who don’t loooove to run their fingers through them, caress them, marvel dbm0065 Delicas - 10/0 Japanese Cylinders - Lined Topaz ABat their tiny perfection – well – you are just going to have to go and console yourself with our 25% off Czech Firepolish sale.

But, for those of you who have been sitting at your computers, looking at our selection of 60 different size 10/0 delicas and wishing for “just more colours, please!” – well – your wish has come true!

Because today – we have 200 more colours, finishes, and some cuts as well. 200 wonderful shiny dbmc0021 Delicas - 10/0 Japanese Cylinders - Cut - Nickel Platedseedbeads, from Crystal (seriously, we didn’t have Crystal?) to Nickel-Plated.

dbm0204 Delicas - 10/0 Japanese Cylinders - Antique Beige CeylonOr – from Antique Beige to White Pearl Ceylon.

Or from Lined Topaz AB to Dark Topaz Rainbow Gold Lustre.

dbm0331 Delicas - 10/0 Japanese Cylinders - Matte 24 Kt Gold Plated (3.3 grams)Personally – I am drawn to the exotic, metallic colours – like Matte 24 Kt Gold Plated or Gold Lined Opal.

Anyway – I’m sure you’ll have fun picking out your favourites!

That should keep you all busy for a bit. As always, we hope to make your day brighter with fabulous beads. Please click on a link or an image above, or just go
for all the wonderful
new and fabulous old beads this week!

On sale – this week – All Czech Firepolish – woohoo. And the Dragon’s Blood Jasper continues at 18% off! Nothing like it for soothing the soul. Until Midnight, June 5th

Each weekly sale ends at midnight on Wednesday. Be sure to finalize your order by the following Wednesday midnight – before the next sale starts – to ensure that you lock in those bargains!

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