Do you like your seed beads big?

Do you like your seed beads big?

9m-3205 Glass - 9 mm Big Hole Colour Lined Pony Beads - Magic Emerald Marine (1)Do you like your seedbeads big?
Not like an ant but a guinea pig?
Do you like them large and chunky?
Do they make you feel all funky?
These are for you – don’t be a monkey!

Glass – 9 mm Big Hole Colour Lined Pony Beads

Don’t be a fool – you want to say
s36583 Czech Seedbeads - 32/0 Seedbead - Crystal AB (25 grams) That’s not a seed-type-bead – no way
Then p’raps you’d really like to use
A happy bag of thirty-twos?
These beads are kind of rough and ready
But there’s no need for hands too steady!

s36572 Czech Seedbeads - 2 Hole Twins - Colour Lined Happy Easter MixFah! You scoff – you’re full of sins
I like my beads to come as twins!

And then I want – so please be kind
Beads so small they make me blind
They zing and shine like movie starlets
So give me small – give me Charlottes!66601099 Seedbeads - 13/0 Charlotte - Cobalt AB (hank)

And then, oh please, if you’re not Tire-d
s36372 Glass Beads - 4 mm Tire Rondelles - Green Iris (Strand 100)I’d Wheely like some rondelles wired.
And then, because, I’m such a fool
I need a bracelet-bending tool! s36464 Tools - Pliers -  Nylon Jaw Pliers - Bracelet Bending (1)

And because I’ve lots of Moxy
I’ll take some on-sale two-part Epoxy.

Each weekly sale ends Wednesday midnight
so catch those bargains, do it right

finalize before the clock strikes –
‘cuz when it does is when the price hikes.

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