New this week: Hardcore Survival Jewelry or Warm and Fuzzy Needles?

Oh hey – what do Bear Grylls, Tom Hardy, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Seth Green, Alex Trebek have in common? They’ve all been spotted wearing Paracord “Survival” Bracelets.

s37072 Booklet - Parachute Cord Project Book - (1)Now – I know that’s not exactly a line-up of A-listers – but the paracord bracelet thing is hot, and the bracelets themselves are pretty cool and easy to make – and you can actually make them for your dude. Or even get your dude interested in making them.

hpara2136 Cord - Parachute Cord 325 - Forest Camo (21 feet)The deal behind these essentially macrame’d bracelets is that they contain about 20 continuous feet of strong, lightweight “Parachute” cord which, in an emergency, can be unraveled and used to lash down your tent, hang food from a tree, and generally just be useful.

You can even make dog collars and leashes!

We have the cord, we have the buckles, and we have the instruction booklet. 

If the idea of easy, masculine bracelets doesn’t make you feel all warm and fuzzy – then maybe felting will make you feel all warm and fuzzy?

s37103 Felting Tools - 5 Needle Felting Tool - (1)We just added felting tools (to go with our roving) – a felting mat, needles, and some funny-looking felting molds to our line up. The molds look kind of like cookie cutters – you moosh in the roving and then needle away to get your shapes!

s37088 Tools - 1 Step Looper Pliers - (1)By popular request – the Looper plier – the plier that makes loops in headpins in one easy step. There’s a video here that makes it clearer.
s37089 Swarovski - Crystal Fabric Applique - Puppy Paws (57338) - Crystal Metallic Light Gold (1)

And, Puppy Paws! Swarovski Crystal Fabric Applique! My dog walks all over me – and when she does – she leave crystal footprints! Get yours too!

2775000s37040 Swarovski Elements Bead - 8 mm Faceted Round (5000) - Green Turmaline (1)

Other than that, some Swarovskis in some hard to find colors, like Green Turmaline, Cobalt (Why is it so hard to find this one? It’s sooo beautiful!) and Olivine Dorado. And some fancy, cushion cut stones – perfect for epoxy clay s37047 Swarovski Rhinestones - 12 mm Faceted Cushion Cut (4470) - Fire Opal (1)and blinging!

s37078 Findings - Clasps - Giant Lobster Claw - Zebra (1)And we have some humongous, coloured clasps – for making purse charms.

And, speaking of purses, and bling and epoxy clay – these purse hangers will solve the problem of putting your purse on the floor when out dining, and then coming home s37086 Findings - Compact Purse Hanger - Silver (1)and putting it down on the counter, and transferring a boat-load of icky floor stuff to your nice clean countertop! Never mind how nice the restaurant was – you prepare food on that counter!

On sale this week – fabulous fun feathers, our custom ColourFX seedbead mixes, (ColourFX 10/0s, ColourFX 11/0s, ColourFX 6/0s, ColourFX Exotics) and production, handmade lampwork, made in the US or Czech! (Czech Handmade, Focals & Pendants, USA Handmade). (Sale runs Wed midnight to Wed midnight.)

So, click on a link above or start with our new products page! Remember – always have fun and play with your beads!

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