Collect the Rainbow …

Bead the rainbow …

tb6r0025b Japanese Seedbeads - 6/0 Toho Seedbeads - Silver Lined Rubytb6r0030bf Japanese Seedbeads - 6/0 Toho Seedbeads - Silver Lined Matte Hyacinthtb6r0022cf Japanese Seedbeads - 6/0 Toho Seedbeads - White Lined Matte Topaz tb6r0027b Japanese Seedbeads - 6/0 Toho Seedbeads - Silver Lined Bright Green

If you have “collect the whole set-itis” – you’re in trouble now.

We’ve just added Toho 6s to the line-up. 

For those of you not steeped in seedbeads – allow me to translate.

tb6r0007bd Japanese Seedbeads - 6/0 Toho Seedbeads - Transparent Blue Zircontb6r0008d Japanese Seedbeads - 6/0 Toho Seedbeads - Transparent Cobalt Bluetb6rpf0567f Japanese Seedbeads - 6/0 Toho Seedbeads - Galvanized Matte Purple [Permanent Finish] Seedbeads by the Japanese seedbead maker – Toho – are famous for their consistency of shape and colour – much more so than the Czech seedbeads – which vary in width, and can vary in colour from batch to batch.

Size 6 – 6/0 – is a largish size – also known as size “E” and as “Pony Beads.” They are large enough even for the seedbead challenged to use – and are a good “starter” bead. They also make very nice accent beads and filler beads. For instance, you can use them between larger beads that you don’t have quite enough of to make the bracelet or necklace that you had in mind, or to just add a little splash of just the right colour where you need it.

So if you are already contemplating your neat rows of seedbeads – soothed by their colours and orderliness, or if you revel in untidy piles of colour – and are looking for your next fix – voila! Plunge into the 6/0s!

tb8rpf2104 Japanese Seedbeads - 8/0 Toho Seedbeads - Silver Lined Turquoise OpalOf course, if the 6/0s seem a little big for you – we have more of the Toho 8/0s as well. This Silver Lined Turquoise Opal, for tb8r712 Japanese Seedbeads - 8/0 Toho Seedbeads - 24k Gold Plated (2 grams)instance, is just yummy! And these gold-plated Toho 8/0s – well – wouldn’t they add the perfect deluxe touch to your creation?

s37420 Stone Beads - 12-13 x 13-16 mm Faceted Nuggets - Tourmalinated Quartz (1)On the stoney and non-seedbeady side – we’ve just got a few interesting odds and bobs in. Tourmalinated Quartz – always interesting – these quartz crystals have needles of Tourmaline formed inside them. The crystals range from water clear to inky to milky. You just never know!

s37421 Stone Beads - 25 x 30 mm Faceted Hexagon Tablets - Dark Amethyst (1)
And this is – no – not Onyx. It’s Amethyst – but such a rich dark colour that it looks black in some lights – with flashes of purple. Hold it up to the light, and the colour is rich and deep!

s37425 Stone - 50 mm Drop Pendant - Rocky Butte Picture Jasper (1)And some Picture Jasper Pendants – Mother Nature’s paintings of the desert! Tres Magnifique!
So, click on a link above or start with our new products page! Don’t worry – bead happy!

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