Checkmate! Czech, mate!

s38099 Glass - 6 mm Czechmates Tile Beads - Opaque Light Beige Picasso (50)
Check and mate, and it’s your move! Czechmates! These are two-hole flat tile beads, inspired, I suspect, s38100 Glass - 6 mm Czechmates Tile Beads - Metallic Silver (50)by the two hole Miyuki TILA beads, but a bit more substantial. These are 6 mm square and are part of the Czechmates two-hole bead line up that includes other shapes as well as the squares, which we will be bringing you as fast as we can process them. For now, we have a small selection of them and you can start thinking of ways to use them! For instance – with the twins and super duos?

It’s a Long Drop from thereldp-462 Miyuki - 3 x 5.5 mm Long Drop Bead - Metallic Gold Iris (10 grams) to our next new bead – in fact – our next new ldp-250 Miyuki - 3 x 5.5 mm Long Drop Bead - Crystal AB (10 grams)bead is the Miyuki Long Drop! Longer than the Miyuki Fringe Drops, and less round, but shorter than the Long Magatamas, and without the sliced carrot shape. We have a nice selection (37 colours!) of these new Miyuki Long Drops and can hardly wait to start playing with them!

s38662 Flat Cut Tablet - 15 mm Heart - Ruby Red (10)Oh, and we have a lovely new heart bead … because it’s coming up on Valentines, and you never know, someone might want a red heart bead for that. 😉

As always – you can click on a link or image above, or get started with the new items here. Happy Hunting! Remember to stay warm! Shop online!

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