The Business Chat – What is that?

It’s an exciting week over here at Sailorgirl Jewelry. My new and improved website should launch at some point!!! This project has been in the works for months, chugging away in the background, worked on during the crazy holiday show season and sidelined by details like Christmas. All in good time, it’s almost done!
To celebrate the launch I am updating my online store with over 30 new items. You know what? Listing 30 new items is a HUGE amount of work! With the new site I’ve committed to listing one new item every week for 2014 and with that promise I realized I have to make this a bit easier on myself. 
So I have created a listing “template” for new items. This template has standard sections that explain how I make my beads and how I make my jewelry. I have a section for the technical details like exact size, colour and materials. With this new template all I have to do is write the beginning description and drop in the details. Now all my items will have similar listings so the store is more consistent and listing an item is less work. 
A picture may be worth 1000 words but it’s no substitute for actually touching an item. Try writing your description as if the customer can’t even see the photos. Really make them feel like they are right there with your items. 
To get you started in writing your product descriptions, here is a list of 12 questions your description should answer.
  1. What is it? It’s obvious to you however sometimes customers need to be told, especially if you are using a close up photo of only a part of a larger piece. 
  2. What color is it? The color on your computer monitor may not be the same as mine.
  3. How big is it? As a buyer I don’t want to guess if those earrings are going to hang past my shoulders.
  4. What is it made from? What materials and techniques are used?
  5. How does it work? Does it slip over my head? Is there a clasp? Do I tie it around my waist?
  6. Why is this one better than others I see online?What special skills, materials, or ideas do you use that make your item the best?
  7. Do I get everything in the picture? I see 5 items in your picture, do I get them all? Only one? Do I get that beautiful stand it’s hanging from or is it just for display?
  8. Will it fit me? It says fits a medium size wrist, what exactly is a medium size wrist?
  9. How does it arrive? Is it gift wrapped? Is it ready to ship or is it made to order?
  10. Will I get the EXACT item in the photo? Is it a stock photo or do I get the exact item?
  11. What do those fancy terms mean? Don’t take for granted that your customer knows what a cabochon is or what lampworking is.
  12. Why will my life be so much better if I buy this item? Chances are your customer can easily live without your items. It’s your job to SELL it to them. Let them know why owning this item is so wonderful. Are they going to feel like a princess with that lovely bracelet? Is that item the perfect gift for hard-to-buy-for people? Does the item evoke certain emotions? Tell us what’s so great about it!
If you’re looking for a way to kickstart your sales for 2014, why not start by creating an Item Description template for yourself? 

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