Getting to know…Giovanna Paz

Giovanna Paz has brought us a whole new way to crochet wire! She has been teaching eager students Peruvian wire crochet to create amazing jewellery.

Since childhood, Gio has been creating jewellery. “I loved to wear it; it was just a part of me,” says Gio. “When I was in school I loved drawing. As a teenager I did lots of cross stitch. I used to make my own patterns and create pictures of infants and other designs for home decoration.”

“I learned my craft by taking several courses in Peru and then by playing around with various crochet patterns,” explains Gio. “That was the start of my passion for wire crochet.”

What inspires Gio? “Everything,” she says enthusiastically! “I see a stone and my mind starts thinking about what to do with it. I love looking at images of jewellery on the internet and trying to apply wire crochet to the designs. Nature inspires me by the amazing colours it has to offer. Going shopping inspires me to want to create jewellery to match a new outfit. The universe is infinite with inspiration.”

Gio creates and decides on projects by following fashion trends and listening to her students. “I am always thinking ahead,” she says. “I mix wire crochet techniques around my inspirations. There are days I simply spend designing new creations to teach. I also travel to Peru to go to small cities to learn more. I am always searching, collecting and creating wherever I go.”

Gio had other aspirations in jewellery making. “I tried to be a silversmith,” states Gio. “I went to courses and – wow – I couldn’t continue. The machines were too much. I used to cut my fingers all the time and I just gave up. I didn’t like the fact that I had to depend on machines to create jewellery; but, when I learned about wire crochet, my life was fixed! It was just wire and a crochet hook – no machines. I felt free and that is where I found my passion.”

Her favourite part about teaching? “The best part is when I see my students’ happy faces … the smiles! Then they write you and tell you that they are creating more, or they send photos – that makes me feel totally amazing!” In contrast, the least favourite part is the frustration that some students feel. “That is when I just focus on them,” says Gio, “and explain that all artistic pieces take time and patience. In the end all is good.”

Her advice to others who create? “Work hard for your dreams and never give up,” says Gio encouragingly. “Focus on what you create and know that each piece as unique, believing in yourself and your gift. Work, work, work rather than invest lots of money. Working hard is the only way you see results.”

Upcoming classes with Gio Paz:

Friday, February 28
Peruvian Wire Crochet Chain Earrings
6:00 – 9:00pm

Friday, March 21
Peruvian Malla Covered Pearl and Wire Bead Earrings
6:00 – 9:00pm

Friday, March 28
Peruvian Malla Covered Pearl  Necklace
6:00 – 9:00pm

Complete information about Gio’s classes can be found on our website. Click on ‘Classes’ and follow the links to the appropriate month’s classes.

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