Marilyn Gardiner & The Crystaletts!

s39195 Marilyn Gardiner Wirework Kit -  Boxchain Bracelet - Jewellers Bronze (1)Like, groovy, man! Can you dig it? This week’s set is going to feature that classic lady of the chain mail – s39196 Marilyn Gardiner Wirework Kit -  Beaded Flat Mesh Bracelet - Copper (1)Marilyn in Chains herself – the big bad kitten with the kits – Marilyn Gardiner and her Chain Mail Kits. Let’s give her a big hand – a big hand adorned with a beautiful chain mail bracelet!

Remastered and re-imagined – we are re-releasing a new release of Marilyn’s wirework kits – because, if you like it – you should put a couple hundred rings on it! Get your chain mail on and get medieval!

But that’s just the opening (and closing and opening and closing and opening and closing) act! Ha – a little chain-mail-making humour there for you!

s39292 Crystaletts - 4 mm Rhinestone Button - Fuchsia / Black Rhodium (20)
Because then we are pleased to announce – the Crystaletts! (Seriously – every time I googled Crystaletts to find out who else was selling them, I got mostly references to singing groups.)
What are Crystaletts? They are just only the cutest and tiniest rhinestone buttons ever in the world! At just 4 mm – with a 3 mm genuine Swarovski rhinestone – these are just the sparkliest and s39320 Crystaletts - 4 mm Rhinestone Button - Capri Blue / Gold (20)most adorable little buttons evah! You could put them on doll clothing, or use them for sparkly accents on a stuffy unicorn. Marg says she saw some really awesome bracelets with just these strung together on wire – sooooo sparkly! I’m personally thinking a ring – with these embedded in epoxy clay! What will you make of them? And they come in three metal colours, and the classic Swarovski crystal colours!

If the thought of all this isn’t singing to you – if it is not ringing your bell and s39392 Stone Beads - 6 mm Round - Yellow Jade (strand)you are feeling jaded, then may we butter you up with this sunny Yellow Jade?

The happy colour of sunflowers, summer days, corn-on-the-cob dripping with butter, how can this translucent cream – to – yellow Serpentine not make you smile? Yellow Jade is the “trade name” for this variety of yellow Serpentine – which is a tough, durable stone that wears well and takes a nice shine. As the main design element, or an accent, we’re sure you will sing it’s praises!

Anyway, time to start up the band, so click on a link or image above, or get started with all the new items here and get groovin’ and movin’! 😉

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