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s44104 Stone - 15 x 20 mm Oval Cabochon - Titanium Rainbow Window Druzy (1)that’s the sound we’re hearing the most of around here – because this update is a doozy! Or, should I say, Druzy? 
s44093 Stone -  Pear Drop Druzy Pendant - Titanium Rainbow Window Druzy (1)Because we have a spectacular update this week – with amazing, yummy, fabulous items, and we’re going to start off this guided tour with Druzy cabochons. Or Drusy, if you prefer. Or even Drusie – because apparently s44103 Stone - 10 x 13 mm Oval Cabochon - Black Knight Druzy (1)not even I can spell it consistently! 
We have a wonderful new selection of Stone Cabochons this week, including window druzies, that’s thes44106 Stone - 13 x 17 mm Pear Drop Cabochon - Rainbow Titanium Window Druzy (1) kind s44100 Stone - 36 x 67 mm Freeform Cabochon - Bronze Beauty Window Druzy (1)with the smooth stone with a “window” of crystals, or just all over crystals
s44112 Stone - 10 x 12 mm Oval Cabochon - Turquoise (1)Next – we have some turquoise cabochons. Actual turquoise – not imitation. With lovely s44114 Stone - 7 x 9 mm Oval Cabochon - Opal (Synthetic) (1)patterns of the matrix in them. These are not huge, but would really make a project! 
And, some Opals! These ARE synthetic – they are man-made opals, but because of that, are much more affordable. And less finicky too – stronger and less susceptable to damage.
s44126 Stone - 65 mm Tall Shield Cabochon - Red Creek Jasper (1)And then, there are the stone cabochons … oh myyyyy. If you dream of interesting, beautiful stone cabochons, dream of these … Red Creek Jasper, in interesting shapes, Shattuckite – originally from the Shattuck mine in Arizona, now mined out, but a small deposit has been found in Congo. s44140 Stone -  Pear Drop Cabochon - Shattuckite (1)
Perhaps you are a little baffled by cabochons – maybe you need an actual hole in your stones? Come on over to our Stone Donut and Pendants page! How about your s44136 Stone -  Inlay Rectangle Pendant - Red Creek Jasper / Amazonite (1)Red Creek Jasper as an Inlay pendant? Beautiful pieces of Red Creek Jasper inlaid with a white stone border and s44129 Stone - 12 x 45 mm Long Drop Pendant - Brown Leaf Jasper (Pair)set into a frame of amazonite or onyx, and with a large, horizontally drilled hole.
Or what about this Brown Leaf Jasper – sold in matched pairs, no less! 
Or this lovely Amethyst Sage Chalcedony – which is s44141 Stone -  Rectangle Pendant - Amethyst Sage Chalcedony (1)earthy and ethereal at the same time.
s44092 Stone -  Druzy Pendant - Cassiopeia Ocean Druzy (1)And, if you are looking for Inspiration on using the druzies – you can look at the very limited selection of pendants we got – mostly just for their inspirational qualities – although, if you must (wink, wink) have one – they are for sale! 
Also, you need to look at these – Arizona Blue Lightning s44084 Stone -  Horse Eye Pendant - Arizona Blue Lightning Chrysocolla (1)Chrysocolla. Yum. Yummity Yum Yum. s44087 Stone -  Sterling Pendant with WT / Onyx - Arizona Blue Lightning Chrysocolla (1)
OK – there is soooo much more – how do I tell you about it all? s36938 Stone Beads - 4 mm Faceted Round - Amazonite (strand)
s36940 Stone Beads - 8 mm Round - Amazonite (strand)Amazonite! The price of this was insane this year at Tucson, but we found a stash of it that we bought a while back, so the price is – well – it ain’t cheap – but it’s not as crazy.
s43804 Stone Beads - 30 x 40 mm Oval - Tree Agate (1)Tree Agate – next to some of the flashy stuff we have this week, this might get lost, but, you know, graphic scribbles of sagey green on a white background is a pretty classy look!

s43815 Stone Beads -  Faceted Rondelle - Light Sky Blue - Plated Pyrite (strand)
Metallic plated pyrite. s43823 Stone Beads -  Faceted Rondelle - Shaded Smokey Quartz (strand)Faceted pyrite stones plated with a metallic coating. Or just gemstones. Green Quartz, Labradorite, Turquoise, or graduated colour strands like Smokey Quartz or Amethyst.

s44081 Stone Beads -  Faceted Navette - Pyrite (strand)s44074 Stone Beads -  Faceted Briolette Drops - Smokey Quartz (strand)s44071 Stone Beads -  Faceted Cubes - Moss Agate (strand)s44061 Stone Beads -  Faceted Donut Rondelles - Amethyst (strand)s43937 Stone Beads - 8 mm Faceted Rondelle Donuts - Labradorite (1)s43828 Stone Beads -  Faceted Rondelle - Lapis (strand)s40277 Stone Beads - 3.5-4 mm Faceted Rondelle Donuts - Labradorite (strand)
s44063 Stone Beads -  Faceted Pear Drops - Lemon Chrysoprase (strand)And some limited quantity strands of some fancy gemstones – in case you feel the need!

s43934 Stone Beads - 40 mm Faceted Olive - Dzi Bead (1)And still – there is more! Modern Dzi beads, s44053 Components -  Tassels - Mermaid Tresses (1)new Tassels!

I am so excited about all the wonderful new stuff we have this week! Hope you can drop in and fondle it in person, or failing that – snag it online before it gets snapped up! Happy shopping – try not to drool on the keyboard, eh? 😉

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