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Copper Crystal Floats 
by: Kelly Garland

long time ago while visiting Los Angeles I picked up a fabulous
floating necklace that I still wear, years later. So when BeadFx started
carrying Softflex solid coloured beading wire, l set about to make
something similar to my beloved piece. I’ve always loved the Swarovski
‘Copper Crystal’ colour and because the jewellery gods were in
alignment, it just so happens the new Softflex line includes a copper
choice that is a perfect match. It also works with all of the BeadFx
bright copper findings like crimps, beads and various closure options.
So there lots of matching options if you want to switch out an element
to your preference.

This necklace is a stunning holiday or New Years piece!! And if you happen to be a red head, you’ll be the queen of the ball!!


This piece is three strands long. I used 14″, 16″ and 18″ because I
generally prefer longer necklaces. If you prefer something closer to the
neck, adjust accordingly. Everybody is different. Crimp one end with a
2.5mm crimp in bright copper to one side and one ring of the 3-strand
tube clasp in bright copper. Attach each length to the same side of the

2. For the two longer strands, I spaced out each grouping
with approx 2″ inches between. Lay the beading wire lengths out on your
mat and using tape, mark where the groupings will be. Try to increment
the groups so they lay in different spots when around the neck.

Once you’ve got your layout done, start adding the groupings. Start
with a bright copper crimp, a copper 4mm metal bead, a 8mm crystal
copper Swarovski stone, another copper metal bead, then another crimp.
You can add crimp covers if so desired but I like the effect of the
flattened metal crimp.

4. Once you get to the end of the two longer strands, loop and crimp them to the remaining empty slide clasp.

Now you’ll finish the shortest length which is the closest to our face.
I added a 12mm copper crystal this time to the middle as a focal point
and spaced out the groupings. This particular piece has 4 groupings
using the 6mm donuts instead of the 8mm, in addition to the main focal
point crystal. Finish the end as you did with the other lengths.



Go to our components list for this project and to buy what you need!
Need some help with some of the techniques? Check our tips page.

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