Love Soutache and Bead Embroidery?
Have a class with Amee K. Sweet-McNamara!

Calling all Soutache and bead embroidery lovers – and everyone else who loves working with a needle a thread! Join us for a class with artist Amee K. Sweet-McNamara

uses Soutache and Bead Embroidery to create textile
jewelry with sinuous, organic shapes in brilliant hues. She takes her
inspiration from all things color-saturated. Mucha posters, Venetian
glass, Renaissance paintings, and Hollywood dance-costumes have all, at
one time or another, influenced her creations. Formally educated in
both, Interior Design and Fine Art, Amee is a member of the League
of New Hampshire Craftsmen. She teaches out of her studio in Merrimack,
New Hampshire, and venues across the country including The Craft Center
at the LNHC headquarters in Concord, New Hampshire.

Potpourri Pendant
Friday, May 13; 10:00am – 5:00pm
Experiment with an assortment of techniques.
Adventurous Beginners will learn the basics of Soutache & Bead
Embroidery, working with Shibori Ribbon, Traditional Bead Embroidery
& Kumihimo braiding and more. Pendant templates include a variety of
shapes and kits will be offered in a variety of colour-ways.

Saturday, May 14; 10:00am – 5:00pm
Tassels make beautiful, textural enhancements for everything from
clothing to jewelry to home decor. But the solid, upper portion of
traditional tassels, are worked around wooden forms which can be
expensive, difficult to find and time-consuming to cover. The bodies of
our “Sou-tassels,” are created using Soutache & Bead Embroidery
which makes firm but opulent, sculptural outer forms to surround the
fringe of the tassel. This technique can be easily modified, changing
size and shape. Adventurous Beginners will learn many of the Basics of working with
Soutache while Intermediate Soutache artists will be delighted to add
this brand new technique to their creative toolbox! Kits will be made
available in a variety of color-ways and include soutache, beads, tassel
skirt and thread and will make one “jewelry-scaled” tassel – ideal for a
pendant which can be strung on student’s choice of chain, cord or
ribbon (not included).

Tuffet Lily
Sunday, May 15; 10:00am – 5:00pm
For Soutache & Bead Embroidery Students looking for “the next big
thing,” “Tuffet Lily” has arrived. Learn the secrets of making rich,
truly three-dimensional pieces by working “inside out,” “Sculpting with
SuperDuos” and “Border Backing.” The finished pendant may be hung on
ribbon, chain or bead-chain (not included). This is an Intermediate-Level Class so students should come
having a firm grasp of Soutache Basics including Stacking &
Aligning, Shaping Stitches, Two-Sided Joins, Backing &
Edge-Beading.  Project will not be finished in class but Amee Runs with
Scissors’ “Whole Story,” step-by-step, full-color instructions will make
it easy to finish at home. Kits will be offered in a variety of

Special Offer: Take more than one class with Amee and save!

  • One class: $200 + HST
  • Two classes: $380 + HST (Save $20)
  • All three classes: $565 + HST (Save $35)

Note: Kits are required for purchase from Amee for her classes which will include all materials needed for the projects. As an added bonus, Amee is offering her kits at par for her students at BeadFX! Thank you Amee!

For complete information about each class, including applicable kit fees, is on the class page. Click on ‘Classes’ and follow the links to the May class calendar and Amee’s classes.

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