Bead mat update – April!

In the last update, my bead mat was a fairly sorry sight. My muse had been on vacation, and I was just getting back into the swing of things. I’m happy to say that my batteries have been re-charged, and I’m now brimming with inspiration! Most (but not all) of my beading projects have been motoring along, and new ideas are coming at me faster than I can remember them. Don’t you just hate when that happens? I really do need to write them down.

Despite not finding the original (started in my last class), I completed another freeform peyote, beaded bead to add to my collection (the green/dark raspberry one). I’ve now made a grand total of seven of these beads, and I’m not even close to finishing the series. I was once told that you couldn’t call yourself an artist, until you learned how to develop a series of work. Do you believe that? I’m not sure that I do, but my work does seem to be leading me in that direction. I’ve been striding down that path for years, starting with the early fibre art days, and then moving to the Bead Journal Project. Who knows where I will go from here?

My freeform peyote ring count is now up to four, and I’m seriously contemplating the fifth. Somehow, somewhere I had the idea to include a shank button as the focal on my next ring. So, did I buy just one button to try it out? No, of course not, I purchased five of them! But don’t look for a photograph, because I haven’t taken one yet. Instead I’ll just show you my fourth ring. This was constructed a little differently than the other three, and includes an 8 mm Lapis round as the focal. Do I need to tell you that I love blue? This one is sized just right! I even purchased a ring mandrel, so that it will be a lot easier to determine the correct sizing in the future. Stringing the beads, and then holding your tongue, and attempting to figure out if the sizing is correct, while trying not to drop the beads, is difficult to say the least! I guess I could have asked for help, but why the heck would I do that?

My poor purple doll is in the same naked state as she was in March! I added the hair, and then everything came to a full stop. Yes, I did decide on her colour scheme, but she hasn’t even started talking to me yet! Doesn’t she like the colours I chose (purple/turquoise)? I don’t seem to be able to make a decision on either a theme, or where to stitch the first bead!!! Do you think if I give her a name, she will start whispering to me? What should I call her? Does she actually need a theme, or should I just start beading? Decisions are so difficult! Perhaps I should start working on the odd/shaped acid green doll in the next photo. Would that prompt my purple doll to cry out for attention?

To make things even more difficult, I’m teaching a BAD class (Beaded Art Doll) at BeadFX this Saturday. Have I stitched and stuffed all of my doll forms yet? No of course not, but I am working on it. Today’s count is five dolls complete; two and a half stitched; and three more cut out, and ready to stitch. Will I finish by Saturday? You bet I will! Do I procrastinate? Not really, but I do think that I’m addicted to the adrenaline rush! Besides, I’ve been working on pieces for the Corsage Project over the last couple of weeks, and I’ve also been playing around with resin. I guess those are valid excuses, right?

Don’t get frustrated by a temporary slowdown in your creativity. Give it some time, ignore your muse, and she (or he) will sit up and pay attention! All will be well, despite our current sad, chilly temperatures!

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