Let’s go walkabout!

Does anyone but me, think that it’s a tad strange to see (and feel) the temperature soar to almost 30C (or did it surpass that) yesterday? We were already geared up for warmer temps, but that high and this early in the year? Toronto is quite unpredictable! Winter, spring and summer, in the space of a couple of weeks…and I’m not exaggerating!!! Is everyone prepared for the change? No of course not, but as true Canadians we’ll adapt, and soon be complaining about how freaking hot it is!! I still need to clean my air conditioner filter, and I haven’t even transferred over to my summer clothing yet. Sigh!

In light of the warmer temperatures, I dusted off my trusty Canon, then spent a pleasant afternoon going walkabout, around the Toronto Botanical Gardens (Edwards Gardens) on Sunday. I snapped tons of photos, but focused mainly on close-up shots of the last remaining tulips, and some fabulous blossoms. The smell was incredible, despite the fact that I tried not to get too close to the lilacs (achoo!). But what does this have to do with beads, you say? Well, (and I think that I’ve said this before) I believe that you can get your colour cues from just about anything. If you’re ever lacking in inspiration, I highly recommend a walk in the park, don’t forget to take your camera along, and take photos of anything that catches your eye. Don’t worry about composition, you’re looking for colourful ideas! The exercise will freshen your brain, and your muse will appreciate the reminders. When you download the photos, you’ll be able to take a second look, and should easily spot a colour scheme or two. If you don’t own a camera (and yes, there are some people who don’t), simply cut out any magazine photos that grab your attention. File them in an “Inspiration” file, and trot them out whenever you’re stumped for ideas! Even better, bring your images to BeadFX, and we’ll help you pick out the colours!

My photos have been downloaded, but I admit that I haven’t had a chance to focus on future projects (although I am rather fond of the colours cues in the first and last photos). However, I did complete two new Freeform Peyote Rings. The first was based on a soft, almost Victorian colour scheme, and the second on a Facebook photo I shared last week (of a turquoise door, surrounded by a brick wall). I’m teaching a ring class on Friday, and I’m hoping to design one or more new ones, inspired by my photos. Hmmm, I wonder which photo I’ll choose? By the way, feel free to borrow some of my colour cues! I have a million of them!! Close your eyes, and imagine the necklace or bracelet you could make with these colours? Or how about creating something with Ice Resin, Alcohol Inks or Epoxy Clay? Wouldn’t they be wonderful?

I encourage you to go “walkabout”, in the hope that it will prod your muse into action! Immerse yourself in colour, and let the summer begin!!!! After all, we deserve it!


  1. Oh yes! That would be wonderful, but I'm thinking that my trusty Tilly Hat, wouldn't be the perfect foil for a beaded hatband, but I'll keep it in mind. Perhaps I might even have a dusty old straw hat, around here somewhere!!! I was actually thinking that I would like to try a freeform bangle next. I just need to decide on a colour scheme. Perhaps one that uses some of those green beads, that Dan is so fond of. LOL!

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