Dreaming of Bead&Button!

Don’t you hate when you start dreaming about something wonderful, that others are experiencing first hand? Bead&Button Show (see logo below), the largest consumer jewellery and bead show in the world, is currently in progress (June 3 – 13). Many of my colleagues and friends are in attendance, but alas, I am not! Do I have bead show envy? Perhaps!

A handful of our BeadFX instructors, including Amy, Christine, Kelly, Marilyn and Pam (did I miss anyone?), are also teaching at the Milwaukee show! How exciting!!! They join an army of world-class instructors, including many that have led workshops in our very own store (and will continue to do so in the future). Amazing and uplifting!

Would I go to the show if I had the opportunity? You bet I would! However, I find the thought of organizing everything so far in advance, and then teaching to such a large audience, a little daunting (okay, I’m human). The US exchange, the workshops and my purchases would kill my pocketbook, but it would certainly be a world class experience. Imagine visiting the market and buying drool worthy cabochons and other components, from friends that I’ve linked up with on the Internet. Cyberspace is great, but meeting some of these people, soaking up the ambiance, and seeing and touching their work, would be oh so much better. Sigh! The first photo is the fabulous work of Laura Mears (check her out on Etsy or Pinterest), and the second Marianne Kasparian’s intriguing “Pods” (also on Etsy and Pinterest). Both photos were downloaded from their Facebook pages, for illustration purposes. Please visit their sites and shops, for more amazing work.

Let’s not forget Bead Dreams, Bead & Button’s Annual Bead Artistry Competition (you can even vote for your favourites). “Bead&Button Magazine sponsors Bead Dreams, a juried competition of exceptional bead artistry from around the world. The accepted pieces are displayed at the Bead&Button show and ribbons are awarded in seven categories.” I’d love to see these pieces in person. On Friday, Laura Mears posted a photo of Heidi Kummli’s entry for the 2016 Bead Dreams People’s Choice Awards (shown below). Laura’s porcelain Crone Face and hands were used in this exquisite embroidered collar. I can’t even begin to guess how many hours of work went into this amazing piece. Do you suppose, if I close my eyes and wish really hard, a Laura Mears cabochon will magically appear in my stash? Plans, such plans!!!

I didn’t get to the show this year, but I can certainly live vicariously through the tales and experiences of my colleagues and friends. Dreams are free, and it doesn’t hurt to start planning for some year down the road. I will, I will, I promise I will!!! How about you?


  1. On my way home from B&B….Laura Mears was there? Shoot! I've been trying to get an owl from her for years! She only loads up her etsy shop once in a while, when she has enough quantity to sell! This heidi Kummli piece is even more impressive in person! Yes start saving now! It is a show worth attending!

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