InspirationFX: Maritime Wharf

Maritime Wharf
by: Erin Singleton
these polished pearl nuggets first arrived in the store all I could
think of was seaweed spreading across the floor of the Bay of Fundy at
low tide. I needed to make something that reminded me of the swirling
tide pools and fishermen’s nets draped across the shore. Pearls, urchins
and barnacles all come together in this piece.

For the focal
I’ve created a section of 12-strand spiral kumihimo. A few googled
diagrams and a YouTube video later and I was ready to begin with a
pattern that reminded me of a nautical rope. As I was working with short
sections of C-Lon (only about 9″ long), I strung the rizos while
braiding the cord. After each spin around the disk, another rizo would
be strung into the ‘groove’ of the spiral. Once I was happy with the
length of the kumihimo spiral, the ends were taped, clipped, and forced
into a pair of leather crimps. A drop of super new glue and a good
squeeze with a pair of chain nose pliers and the kumihimo was ready to
be strung.

Lightweight aluminum chain was then attached to the
leather end crimps. As this chain is unsoldered, links can easily be
opened and closed allowing for the clasp to be inserted and the length
to be adjusted.

Now that the basic necklace was put together, it
was time for me to embellish with those rich pearl nuggets and a pair of
bone rondelles that remind me of urchins! Strung on two pieces of
beading wire, the bone and mother of pearl were attached to the leather
end crimps on either end of the kumihimo spiral. The opposite end of
each strand is then attached to a link in the chain. Wire guardians were
used to ensure that the beading wire was unable to slip through the
links of the unsoldered chain.


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