Monstrously Good

We were working at the bead table late one night,
When our eyes did behold a beady sight,
For our Kheops beads on the mat did fall
and they spelled out words in a message for alls50497 Czech Shaped Beads - 2 Hole Kheops par Puca - Matte Light Gold

We are the beads – the Kheops beads
Like a pyramid shape, we are not seeds

We are the Beads – we fulfill your needs
We are the beads – the Kheops beads!

They’re a range of colours from Matte Light Gold
To a Coral Red that’s very bold
And all you could hear in the light of the day
Was all the gals singing “My mummy likes it that way.”

They are the beads – they are two-hole beads
Like a pyramid shape, they are not seeds
The holes go down the sides, and out the base
They assemble into patterns with ease and grace

s50523 Firepolish - True 2 mm Faceted Round - Opaque Red (150)Of course, that’s not the only thing that’s new
We have some beads that are 2mm and true
Tiny firepolish for your beading pleasure,
Genuinely 2 millimeter if you’d like to measure!

They are the Firepolish – the True 2 millimeter
Get ’em by the package – not by the litre
They are the Firepolish – the True 2 millimeter
They might be fiery but you don’t need a heater

s50753 Thread - Toho One-G Beading Thread - Orange (Spool)And then we thought, how about some thread?
If we don’t get some colours then we’re going to be dead
So we got some Toho beading line
It’s called One-G and you’ll like it fine.

It’s a thread – it’s a beading thread
You’ll like it fine – that’s what we said
Its colours are great, like Mint and Orange
Nothing on the planet rhymes with orange.

And that’s the way it is this week at BeadFX – with profound apologies to Bobby Pickett. Wishing you all a great week and see you next week, with more beady nonsense. Bead Happy!”

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