This is Not A Costume!

Well – look at this! (Gesturing to the website around me) – brand new website!

This is not a costume – the look has changed but – well – now that I think about it – it sort of is like a change of clothes – because inside is all the same great beads and tools and supplies and stuff, but outside, well – let’s just say we decided to slip into something more comfortable! Cleaner, more relaxed, more focused on the beads.

We hope you find this to be more streamlined, faster, easier on the eyes and easier to navigate. Plus we’ve added features like shopping by colour … .

You might find that your browser has forgotten your password. You can clear your cookies, or just re-enter it. If you have forgotten it too – then you can request a new password. If you get stuck, you can email us for help too. But your user id is still the same – we still know who you are!

Your previous orders and saved shopping carts are all still there.

And we’re still making a few tweaks, so if you see something change while you are looking at it – that’s because we are shuffling a few things around, like the categories. We’re going to move those metal beads and findings so that you can shop the way you do in the store.

We hope you enjoy the new look!

If you find something weird – like stuff overlapping or pictures that are gigantic – just let us know.



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