Colour your Art!

I’ve never really been a trend follower, but sometimes it’s interesting to see what the runway gods predict that we will be wearing in the coming seasons (colours, styles, etc.). It always seems to be open to interpretation. After all, we are artists in our own right, and as such originals, so there is no real need to blindly follow the masses!



Perhaps I should soften that approach! When I Googled jewellery trends for 2017, it gave me both fall/winter 2016, and spring 2017. It appears that we will all be wearing rhinestones and sparkly stuff (thank you Swarovski), oodles and oodles of pearls, leather, Boho creations, talisman necklaces and charms, chains, hoop earrings, layering, florals, semi-precious stones, lots of thin bracelets, chokers, asymmetrical earrings (and sometimes only one of them), and most importantly, handmade and costume jewellery. Is that a surprise? I think not! Check out this quote (and article) from trends.jewelery – “Please note that this year draws attention to your personal taste. You should wear what you personally adore and nothing else. It just explains why in 2017 jewellery in handmade style will be as popular as fine jewelry options.” Again, not really a surprise! I also found the jewellery on the site, quite interesting. Also, here’s another article from the Ice Carats blog.


There seems to be a return to more ladylike and refined fashions. Wider legged slacks, silk blouses with bows, both skirt and pant suits (some of us have seen and worn these before), etc. Is it any wonder that pearls are hot?


The Pantone colours for fall 2016 are “A Unity of Strength, Confidence and Complexity. They express the desire for tranquility, strength, and optimism and have inspired a Fall 2016 color palette that is led by the Blue family.” My favourite colour, of course! Also, I’ve included a photo that shows whats coming up for Spring 2017.


Where have I been taking you with all of this? Well, I guess that I’m encouraging you to gather all the information you can, and then just make up your own mind. If you like a colour, then work with it! You should become as informed as possible, but please remember that your work is a true reflection of yourself. Paint your jewellery and your art, as boldly, or softly as you wish!pc-swap-3-102616-desaulniers-anne-marie pc-swap-2-102616-desaulniers-anne-mariepc-swap-102616-desaulniers-anne-marie

On a little side, and non-jewellery note, I thought that you might like to see what else I’ve been up to lately. I’ve been making paper collage postcards (mainly recycled papers), that will be posted to various parts of the world in the next couple of days. It’s a swap that I’m participating in, on the Paper Swap Blog, and another way that I choose to colour my art!


  1. Beth- near Louisville KY

    Not sure if you fixed the photo thing or not… but all are in the correct position… and orientation… on my computer today.
    As for the coming year, I have always listened to my own voice…. for the most part. The “Trend” is just a jumping off point…. if I needed a starting place. I have always wondered who made the ‘Trendsetters’ the voice of style and fashion? Especially when it appears they are blind!!!

  2. Thanks Beth! The photos were always correct on the computer, but the ones that I had taken with the iPhone, were showing upside down, on both my iPhone and iPad. I’ve now replaced those photos, by some I took on my SLR, so all is okay now. It doesn’t really make sense to me, but I guess that the blogging gods are giving me a big hint, not to take shortcuts.

    Trends are just guidelines, although if you check out the shops, they also seem to dictate many of the things we can buy in the stores. Luckily beads are more forgiving, as there seems to be enough colours for everyone!

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