Princess Ah-Roar-ah (And Spike) Guard the Cat Beds

Many of you know that we carry the lovely, luxurious [zenmfgr id=24]. These are the creme de la creme of beading surfaces, and come in a range of sizes for projects big to small, stay at home or portable. Anyway, I digress.

Sometime ago, I took a small black cat stuffie to the store to sit on the displayed Bead on it Boards, because I discovered that the staff in the store had nicknamed them “the catbeds.” (They are flat and have a raised rim. Ergo – catbeds.) 2016-10-29-09-26-31

One day a lady came in, and desperately wanted to buy the black cat – because it reminded her so much of her friend’s cat who had recently passed away, and she wanted to get it for her as a comfort. This, of course, was not a commercial stuffed critter, I had gotten it at the One of a Kind show, quite a few years ago, so tracing the maker wasn’t going to be easy. But, having a houseful of animals myself, I know the heartache that goes with losing one, so we made a gift of it to her.

All well and good, and she sent us a lovely thank you card. But now the “cat beds” were nekkid.

So I pulled out a smalled stuffed rottie puppy, and brought that in. (I have had rather a thing for stuffed beasts – I used to make them as well. I probably have two dozen red satin mice in a box somewhere.) While the rottie puppy (Spike) is adorable, he kind of misses the mark with the whole cat bed thing.

So I finally had the inspiration to bring in Princess Ah-roar-ah. (I told you have a thing … .). Her Roar-al Highness is wearing her tiara, and necklace, of course, and is now regally guarding the Bead on it “Cat Bed” Boards. Along with Spike.

Buy one if you dare!

So come and visit the Princess, but if you tell me that she reminds you of your departed pet … mmmm – not going to believe that. 😉


  1. Marya Zajac

    Why don’t you have a shop cat or two……REAL cats. I love going into shops with cats, and much more inclined to buy. (to help feed the cats, as I well know the price of cat food, having 8, myself…..and two dogs.). You have to find naturally people loving, cats. Rescue cats are mostly good in that respect.

    Also, another suggestion….put something in the photos as a guide to the size of the bead (coins or a ruler.) I have had a couple of orders from you and been disappointed with the size. Saying 3mm to me means almost nothing as I went to school when we used Imperial Measure, and I just can’t get the hang of Metric. Sorry, it’s my age talking. The beads in question were from the Buried Treasures section. I still haven’t used them.

    Other than that I like your website, being a fan of hideous puns….besides the beads of course.

    Emerson, Manitoba
    (where there isn’t a bead shop in under 90 miles.)

  2. BeadFX Webmaster

    Thank you for the comments!

    We have talked about a shop cat – especially years ago when we were at the old location and found a mouse in the kitchen! And there was a cat that appeared in the parking lot and seemed all ready to take up residence. But Rosemary fed him and took him home instead.

    But mostly, we’re just afraid of coming in one morning and finding all the beads scattered across the floor after an energetic midnight play session. If we can’t resist playing with beads … how could a cat? And the thought of a cat jumping up onto one of the displays or counters and scattering beads everywhere. It just doesn’t bear thinking about.

    We are dog-friendly too – customers often drop in with their dogs – and staff have been known to bring in their dogs too.

    As to something for scale – I understand. I guess I’m used to the sizes now and over the years, mm has come to be meaningful, if it is under 50 anyway. I grew up with inches and pounds and Fahrenheit too. But for me – as the photographer of all this stuff, I just can’t bear to put some ugly old coin in the pictures. I just hate those pics all over ebay with a cruddy old coin next to something, and then a phrase in the description about how ‘the coin is not included.’ doh.
    I will try it for some of the stuff though. Maybe for the chain that we have coming up. A ruler perhaps, for scale. Something fishy about that – working to scale. 😉


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