Website Changes

As you may have noticed – we’ve been madly making changes to the website. Some of the have been great – some did not happen quite the way we anticipated. C’est la vie. C’est la web development.

One of the things that we are working on it making it work on as many platforms as possible – which is to say – it should work on your desktop, your laptop, your tablet, your phone, and whatever else they are going to invent next. Implants? Those too. I asked Dan if I could quote what he has to say about this, but I can’t actually publish it … .

One of the things we just added is a second search box, to search the products from the blog. So now, when you hit the first page, you can search for “ladybug” and not have to go to a catalogue page first. So that’s good.

We also just changed it so that the links on the front page show up in colour, instead of you having to mouse over them to see where they are, because that was making my head explode.

I’m also in the process of moving all the metal stuff into the category of Findings + Metal Beads – because, as I said in the weekly update – that’s how you have told us you shop for it. I’m sorting it by metal type/colour – with a few exceptions, like the bead bumpers, which are clearly a finding, but not made of metal. This process is taking a significant amount of time because I am taking this opportunity to review items and make sure they are in a logical place.

So onward and upward. Please do let us know what is making you crazy, troubles you are having finding things, suggestions, etc. You can email us directly at, or post comments here.

You could even say encouraging things, if you were so inclined! 😉

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