Finding Nemo – or maybe just Delicas

db0541 Delicas - 11/0 Japanese Cylinders - Spectrum Gold (3.3 grams)I got an earful the other day from a customer who was severely frustrated at trying to find a specific Delica colour on our website. She was searching for DB-541.

We made a conscious effort, right back in the beginning, when we first started carrying Delicas, to preserve their original numbering. As have most of the other bead vendors online. So the names may change, but the numbers don’t – which means that if you have a pattern that calls for DB-1 – well – everywhere you go – that’s going to be gunmetal. Or Hematite. Or Dark Metallic Grey. Or a Delica by any other name, etc.

However, over the years – the convention has slipped a little. Some folks call them DB-number, some (like us) omit the “-“. Some pad the number with leading 0s (like we do) so that when you list them, the 2000 series doesn’t sort next to the 20s. Some don’t – and are forced to deal with lists that put 4000 before 50.

However – this bit of history doesn’t help you much if you are just trying to find that darn bead!

So – spurred by this, and enabled by our new website (yay!) – we have now added tags that will allow you to search for DB-541, DB541, or DB0541, or DB-0541 – all with equal success! Yay!

So what all else can’t you find on the site that I need to do this for? Let me know in the comments below!

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