A reflection or two!

Do you believe that reflections on the future, can often be found in the past? It’s something that I believe in, and it’s certainly the only way to proceed into an uncertain future.



Art is funny that way! You can go merrily along on your way, and then stop suddenly, when you come to an unexpected roadblock. It could be health, financial, time, lack of inspiration, and even work or family related. These roadblocks tend to ‘smack you in the face’ when you’re least expecting it, but are easy to overcome, if you reflect back on how you reacted to them in the past. Past behaviour, often predicts future behaviour! What was the problem? Have you ever experienced it before? If so, how did you handle it? Was the issue resolved to your satisfaction? How will you be able to apply those same tasks, techniques, principles or behaviours, to the problem at hand?


Its a joyous season, so enough reflecting, already! My future, will certainly involve techniques that I’ve played with in the past, as well as new areas that I’m excited to explore. My art will remain in a fairly fluid state, at least for the first part of the year, but I am leaving myself open for unexpected opportunities. Will this be the year that I return to flogging my work, instead of just blogging, exhibiting and teaching? Do I want to go to all that effort? Will it be worthwhile personally, and financially? What happened, when I did this in the past? Do I really want to do this? Do I have the energy to do this? Do I have the time to do this? What happens if I do nothing, except sit on my status quo? Lots of questions, but too few answers!



My foray into the world of mixed media, will continue in 2017! Fibre, bead embroidery, freeform peyote, resin, paint, paper, natural materials, and the blending of all of the above, will continue to have a strong influence on my work. Metal clay will probably make an appearance, and I’m toying with the idea of weaving (on a very small scale), as well as a return to wet &/or needle felting. But let’s not forget metal work and enamelling! I need to make room for those as well! Again, I must say, focus Anne Marie, focus!!!


After all my reflecting, my status quo is looking pretty good right now! For now, I’ll just leave myself open, for whatever occurs in 2017. What are you planning for the new year? Any artistic goals that you would like to share? Do you want to weigh in on my artistic choices? Anything you would like to see in future workshops? Either from myself, or any of the other BeadFX instructors?


I wish you a safe and joyous holiday season, and for those that celebrate, a very, very Merry Christmas! Take care, and let’s hope that the weather cooperates, at least until all the heavy travelling is over. After all, we do live in Canada!



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