2016 in Review!

cel2017And so, we begin the countdown to 2017 – ring out the old, ring in the new.

Top Ten Fabulous new things at BeadFX in 2016 that you might have missed

New Website

Of course – one of the most notable things that was new this year was the new website. We updated for a more streamlined look that put more emphasis on the beads and was more responsive and mobile-friendly! No website upgrade of this size would be complete without the occasional hiccup – but you have all been enormously patient and helpful, and we thank you for that!

Manager’s Specials!

Our manager keeps making these crazy specials – over 1000 items at 30 – 75% off! Here’s a hint – everything on Manager’s Special has the word “Manager” in the description – so if you type in a search for manager and whatever else you are looking for – you won’t have to wade through all the rest of the stuff!


Larger Quantities

By far one of the most exciting things that we have been able to do is this year is offer you the opportunity to get more of some items by purchasing online. Instead of you being restricted to buying the 1 or 2 packages we have in store – you can purchase as much of it as we can get – maybe even hundreds of packages! This gives you the freedom to dream big – design that project – create that beaded curtain, historical costume, tapestry, lampshade or garden sculpture that you have been thinking about! Look for items that say something like:

  • 2 in Store
  • 50+ in Warehouse

and know that you can plan to go big!

Bulk Purchases

Buy bigger packages and save bigger bucks! Over 1800 items that you can buy in bulk – like a factory pack!


New Categories this year

Of course – there was all kinds of great new products this year – way too many to list – over 5500 of them! Wait – you do want to see them all? Okaaaay – here’s the link

But more than that – we’re pleased to bring you the latest and greatest in the new multi-hole shaped beads. Which ones will go on to be classics, and which ones will be but a flash in the bead pan? We’re not sure either, so don’t forget to play with the shapes and patterns. Who knows, you might invent the next great new stitch or project that takes everyone by storm!

s48893 Glass Beads - Czechmates - 2 Hole Crescents - Blue IrisCrescents






s48889 Glass Beads - Czechmates - 4 Hole QuadraLentils - SilverQuadras Lentils





Candy Beads





tn11221 Japanese Seedbeads - 11/0 2.2mm Toho Demi Round Seedbeads - BronzeDemi Rounds



s49944 Czech Shaped Beads - Super8 Bead - Alabaster Metallic BrassSuper8






Tee Beads 27801711-02 Preciosa Shaped Glass Beads - Tee Beads - Jet Azuro Full (Tube)





Oh, and let’s not forget the new Swarovskis too!

New Swarovski 347081-075 Swarovski Pendant - 14 mm Heart (Article 6228) - Crystal Rainbow Dark







Findings and Metal Beads!

We did some serious re-organizing in the Findings + Metal Beads – making the website mirror the store in terms of organizing. Because we figured that when you are looking for something, you are thinking – I’m doing this in gold, and then I need a clasp, and some crimps, and maybe a nice charm – not the other way around. I hope we’re right!







Of course – we had some great classes, with some “big-name” international instructors! And we have even more coming in 2017 – so stay tuned. (Lampwork folks – Karina Guevin in the post winter (April isn’t really spring), and Joy Munshower in the fall! I personally am really stoked about these!


Improved Search Function

And we improved our search function significantly on the website. Not only is it now faster, but more forgiving of typos and alternate spellings. And don’t forget, if you can’t find something, you can email me personally and I will look for it for you. Only on the website, that is. If it’s in the store – you’ll have to ask Bonnie or Rosemary. 😉


Well – that’s actually only 8 things, or 6623, depending on how you count them! And, in the spirit of that, may your task-lists turn out to be shorter than you thought, and the lists of your blessings be much, much greater!


Wishing you all a safe and happy new year!*

*We are officially closed this week – so your orders will ship next week. I say officially – but here’s me, writing this. Cheers, and

Bead Happy!












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