What’s on my bead mat – January/17 edition?

As I write this, I realize that it’s been a strange type of January day! We started with snow, but ended up with above freezing temperatures and rain. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? For today, I think that I will finish off writing this post, pour myself a cup of tea, and then sit down and stitch for a while.

January slush

I seem to be all over the place! Are you surprised? Mystery beads, were dropped off in my box at work, and although nobody has admitted leaving them, they’ll come in handy for my January and February, Freeform Peyote classes, at BeadFX. You never know when you’ll need a stray bead or two, so right into the share box, they will go! A big thanks to whoever it was!

January mystery beads

Over the holidays, I started back on my precocious little purple doll. You’ll notice a significant difference, now that I’ve included some fluffy paper, as part of her adornments! I do believe that I see a definite floral theme happening!! That’s what I’ve been waiting around for? That’s what she’s been whispering to me? Silly girl!

January purple doll

I’m not really sure where this is going, but I do seem to be on a bead, leather and metal kick, for at least the first part of January. The ideas just seem to be exploding! Do you suppose that they’ll quieten down, and let me complete this post? One project is almost finished, and the other is totally in pieces. Both will be revealed, on one of these fine January days!

January future projecgt

January project

I stayed at work a little later on Monday, to drill some holes into a few of my sterilized driftwood pieces. I didn’t think that it would be a difficult job, but I had no idea how easy it would be, with the flex shaft (a Dremel on steroids, but with a foot peddle), in the BeadFX Metal Studio (did you know that you could rent studio time?). It took literally seconds, for each hole!!! Now all I need to do is figure out what I’m going to do with the pieces? You know that I have some ideas, but what do the rest of you think (be nice)? I’m always up for positive feedback, and any creative suggestions!

January driftwood

The final item on my agenda, is my #1yearofstitches2017 project! Since the beginning of January, I’ve been consistently stitching a little bit each day. I confess that I did miss one day, but I stitched longer the following day, to make up for it. Hand embroidery brings me back to my roots, and it’s such a simple, yet pleasurable way to spend your time! Did I ever tell you that my maternal grandmother, was a seamstress and exquisite embroiderer? As a child, I remember sleeping on beautifully embroidered, floral pillowcases. They made falling asleep, ever so much sweeter!

January #1yearofstitches2017

January is traditionally a long, cold, and dark month! We all need colour, creativity, art, and craft in our lives, to help chase away the shadows. Start a project, take a class, read a book, or even visit a museum. Encourage your friends, to come along for the ride! Please remember to reach out to them, as some may need a little help with the post-holiday blues, or just dealing with the dreary days of winter! Sharing and caring is good!!!

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