Creative hands, make happy work, on a winter’s day!

One of my favourite quotes, is this one by Timothy Attwood: “Creative mess equals creative thought”. Hands (along with other tools, like our imagination), interpret this mess into our jewellery, and art projects. Never take them for granted! They’re not always pretty, and don’t work the way they used to, but they certainly do come in handy (if you pardon the pun)!


I thought that you might be interested to see some of the hands, that were put to work, in my Freeform Peyote class, last Sunday. Not all of the photos turned out! I could blame my own hands, for their unsteadiness, but I won’t! Instead, let’s blame fate!


I’m sorry that I didn’t think about photographing creative hands earlier! If I did, I could have captured colourful hands, during my Painted Fantasy: Pendants and Bezels class on Friday evening. Instead, I’ll show you the results! We were working with Pebeo Fantasy paints, and some of the students got a little messy (not to mention, noisy)! Creative is as creative does! Don’t you love the recycled bottle caps from the Beer Store (thank you Amanda, for sourcing them)? What an amazing recycling idea! I love turning junk, into art! If they were yours, what would you make? Fridge magnets, and push pins are obvious choices, but how about other creative ideas? Not all student work is represented. Some of them managed to scurry off, before I had a chance to take photographs!




My hands have been working on both BeadFX Inspirations, and my #1yearofstitches2017, embroidery project. The Inspirations will be revealed, as time permits, but here’s the latest progress shot, of my stitching! Slow and steady, is going to be my motto for this year! I admit to being guilty of sluffing off other tasks, but I’m certainly enjoying the process!


The art of being creative, makes me happy! You could say that it fires me up, and warms me on a grey winter’s day! Start your own fire, by using your hands to do something creative! I know that I will!!!

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