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If you thought we were going a little clasp crazy – well – you might be entirely justified. Some of it comes down to discovering a neglected box of items, and some of it is because of the fun we are all having with looming!

Looming first! We just got these cool BeadSlide clasps for use with loomed or beadweaving pieces that have single row of beads at the end (loomed or square stitch, vs peyote, with its staggered bead pattern). To use, you slide the final row of beads into the tube – there is a gap for the rest of the piece to come out, and then fold down the flap at each end of the tube, trapping the final row in the tube and securing the clasp. The tube will take up to size 8/0 beads, and the width is listed in the description. We have them in Antique Gold, Antique Silver, and Black. Cool eh?

s54234 Findings - Clasps - 10 x 18 mm Beadslide Tube Clasp - Antique Gold


For other loomed pieces, well – you can just work right off of these as the end of your bracelet. start it out on the Endless Loom and away you go! In a variety of colors!

s31379 Findings - Clasp - Magnetic - 1 inch Plain Bar - 18 Karat Gold Plateds31378 Findings - Clasp - Magnetic - 1 inch Plain Bar - Rose Gold Plateds31381 Findings - Clasp - Magnetic - Square Bar - Black Rhodium

Of course, if you are leaning more to stringing, but are into multi-strand bracelets, we have some of those too …

s27831 Findings - Box Clasp - 6 Strand Plain Long - Vermeils41221 Finding - Clasp - 3 Strand Big D Foldover - Vermeils53605 Findings - Clasp - Magnetic - 3 Strand Plain - 18 Karat Gold Plateds53609 Findings - Clasp - Magnetic - 7 Strand Deco - Rhodium

including this little beauty.

s18686 Vermeil - Box Clasp w Stone - 3 Strand Flower with Labradorite - Vermeil

Yes – more labradorite! And this single strand one too, also Labradorite!

s14722 Sterling - Box Clasp w Stone - Oval with Random Stone - Labradorite

Moving away from the clasps for a moment, we have some lovely new pieces from Nunn Designs. Acorn caps, Bezel Pans for resin, and nature themed charms.

s53589 Bead Cap - Acorn - Antique Gold (2)s53587 Bezel / Pan - ID 32 mm Circle Double Loop - Antique Golds53593 Charm/Pendant - Denali - Antique Golds53598 Charm - North Cascades - Antiqued Silvers53594 Charm - Guadalupe - Antiqued Copper


Lots of great ways to enhance your creativity and while away the winter! As always – click on an image or link above to go to that item, or check out all the new stuff this week!


Manager’s Last Call!

We need the space! Last call for these items! 80% off – that puts them way below our cost! Only until the end of February – and then they are gone for good!

s40786 Glass Drops - 4 x 6 mm Tiny Tims Drops - Pale Honey Glaze (50) <font color="#FF0000">Managers LAST CALL </font> 80% off!s35254 Fancy Aluminum Wire - 1 x 3 mm Diamond Cut Flat Wire - Gold (12 meters) <font color="#FF0000">Managers LAST CALL </font> 80% off!26740515P1001 Rhinestone Bead - 15 mm Crystal Mesh Ball Pendant - Crystal AB <font color="#FF0000">Managers LAST CALL </font> 80% off!

Valentine’s Day Hearts of Glass, and Crystal Hearts at 20% off until Valentines!




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